Friday, 13 February 2015

From SamuliS - 15mm Barbarossa Era German Guns (94 Points)

I'm getting ahead albeit rather slowly. After placing third (and only a point away from being tied for first!!) in the largest winter time Flames of War tournament  here and being picked into the preliminary roster of the Finnish team for European Team Championships I had a sudden burst of inspiration to paint up some more tiny Germans.  Unfortunately the rush of inspiration has been hindered a bit by the better half being away on business for some weeks and I've had to stay home alone with our little beast which has caused painting time to be at the premium.

Still I've been managing to get some painting done during the little boys naptimes and can now boast 3 more finished Flames of War platoons. One light infantry gun platoon of 2 le.IG18 guns and 2 platoons of 2 PaK38's. These will provide fire support when on the defense and help with some much needed anti-tank power.

I added some chipping and mud on the guns to make them look like they've seen some action as befits the Veteran rating of Germans in Barbarossa. Simple basing with static grass and also some bushes. My local shop finally had a resupply of scenery materials and I picked up some clump foliage that I'd run out off. I added some to these guys and also went back to the previous German entries and added more undergrowth to the bases of the Panzerschützen as well.

With these done there are only 3 platoons left in my Early War German project. Two of them are fairly small with only a few stands, but I've still got one very large Pioneer platoon with all their vehicles left. There's also a Bolt Action theme day coming up at my club and I've promised to hold a Commando inspired scenario which needs some hapless Jerries standing guard and evil Nazi scientists so I think there next entries will be various shades of Grey as well. Scale is still open to bursts of inspiration though as there is both 15mm and 28mm prepped on the desk at the moment :)

From Curt:

First, congratulations on your top tier placing in the FoW tournament and your selection to the national team. That is very exciting! Where are the European Team Championships being held?

These look great Samuli - I've always liked the look of that snub-nosed infantry gun and, as you say, the PaK38s will give you some good anti-tank capability, especially in the early war. The clump foliage adds a nice bit of texture to the bases. Well done.


  1. Great guns Samuli and congrats on the 3rd place :)

  2. Thanks! This time ETC will be in Prague in the Czech Republic. I must admit that the competition to make the team in Finland isn't maybe as big as I'd say in the UK :) Having to pay the whole thing yourself seems to reduce the number of players willing and capable of going already in the first place. But I guess it's bit of a far cry to wish for any sponsorship in a miniatures tournament :D

  3. Lovely submission and I am also a sucker for the short barrelled infantry guns


  4. Another thumbs up here for the IG 75 of the Germans. Great to be in the FOW team as well. kudos to you sir.

    As for the figures I am also working on some ww2 15mm so it is great to see yours as It shows me what I should be doing. I hope mine come out as well as yours have done.

  5. Great painting and congrats on making the team.