Wednesday, 6 January 2016

From EricMc - 28mm Mixed Bag of WWI Germans (120 points)

One mixed unit of infantry with a captured Lewis gun

This week I finished up the last of the WW1 Germans I have on hand.  More are on the way.  Its a sickness.

I also finished a late war anti tank rifle.   I didn't realize anti tank rifles were used that early until I opened a pack of Great War Miniatures and saw this beauty.   I will have to find a way to work this in.  But it will only make sense if I have TANKS!!!  There's my perfect excuse to buy TANKS!!! 

Next up are two heavy minenwerfer from Old Glory and one light minenwerfer from Great War Miniatures.  

I really love the sculpts of the Greatwar Games Snipers.

I am planning to use these messengers as part of a scenario.

Here's the whole gang.  Its a mixed bag of odds and ends.

As usual I had to experiment with the basing again.  I think its too bright and reminds me a little too much of the desert basing I used for my Dervish. I am sticking with my mantra that done is done.  No going back only moving forward.   Speaking of forward I am really looking forward to painting some French for next week.

Thanks for looking.

24-28mm figures--120pts.

Another great WW1 submission for today. I think you may be right on the colour of the bases, but certainly - done is done is grand mantra. My personal favourites are the messengers - always good to have some communication options to keep your lads going in the right direction


  1. Excellent work Eric! I particularly like that first assault group.

  2. Those figures look brilliant as always. I am a fan of your first basing recipe, for what it's worth.

  3. Nice group of troops! I really like the animation and color. Nice inclusion of the Lewis gun and the antitank guns too. I've heard the anti-tank guns had a crew of two as one could only handle a few shots before the bruising kick would nearly render the shooter combat non-effective. Then there is the small matter of the tankers being rather cross at team! ;)

  4. These are super, Eric. Love the basing.

  5. Very well done again! You're probably right about the basing but still they look excellent. Looking forward to more Great War goodness.

  6. Bring on the tanks! ;)

    Love the sniper with the steel shield. Great work all around, again!

  7. Personally I like the bases. I do not think them too light at all. But your figures and your choice,

    They are excellent

  8. We've really been treated to some great WW1 figures, which I've not seen much of previously. These are great and I like the messengers in particular to add flavour.

  9. I love the variety in the figures you've got here; it gives you lots of scenario options.

    I particularly like the moustachioed trench fighter with the shovel!

  10. Great figures. You need an excuse to buy tanks? ;)

  11. Great work, glad you have more on the way