Monday, 25 January 2016

Monday From PatG 28mm VSF Civilians - 40 points

Well this week was a bit of a train wreck.  It started off alright but when I went to look for non-sand basing material today, I found the tub had completely dried up. I made a couple of substitutions which were acceptable by my standards. After basing was dry, I went to photograph them - the results below are the best of three attempts - over-exposed, washing out detail and very much emphasizing the need for a matte overspray (come on spring!).   While not up to the standards of much of the work here they are fit for purpose and are the first single figures as opposed to units I have painted in years.
The Gentleman Front

The Gentleman Back

The Lady Front
The Lady Back

The Rake Front

The Rake Back
The Gravedigger Front

The Gravedigger Back

The Gent Front

The Preacher Front (Not Preston Manning)

The Preacher Back

The Assassin Front

The Assassin Back

The Other Gent Front 

The Other Gent Back

Well not my best work but at 40 points, this group puts me over my personal goal line - and isn't that the point  of the competition? ;)

Onward and upward and bring on the matte spray!
I hear you on the matte spray and the photography issues Pat.  My figures never look like I want them to do on JPEG, no matter how happy I am with them in person.  There's some nice movement to these figures especially "the other gent" who looks like he's just seen a young lady with whom he's broken an "understanding".    There is also some fire and brimstone in "Not Preston Manning" (a former Canadian grassroots style politician) and some serious attitude on the Gentleman.  Photography issues or not, there's some nice detailing and shading going on here.  Well done.  

I have also just noticed that these figures put PatG over his target of 500 points.  And he did this while recovering from dental surgery.  I suspect that the drugs might help put one in a VSF mood personally. Neither snow, nor lack of mammoths nor surgery will stop the Monday crew.
Well done Pat!  I believe Curt normally asks if you'd like to reap your target after such a milestone, but I'll jump the gun on him.  Care to up the target Pat? 


  1. These are some nice figures, though that Asssin looks as ready for a costume ball as murder. Very well painted and I sympathize with your callenges getting good pictures.

    1. Thanks!
      He's one of a series of assasins.

      I went with the red domino mask rather than the usual black. I'll likely use them as a faction in IHMN

  2. I like Not-Abraham-Lincoln and the Lady best, where are they from?

    1. RAFM Victorian Adventurers

      They're more 25mm than 28.

  3. Nice figures with loads of character Pat. My personal favourite is the Lady-that is a lovely shade of green.

    You can buy brush on matte primers so you'd not have to wait till Spring to use a spray indoors. I know it's more time consuming, but it gets the job done. Reaper and Vallejo make good ones.

  4. Bowlers and muttonchops! ;)
    Another nice collection of CoBs! They do look really nice in spite of your gloss/camera issues. That is a shame on your basing material too.
    As I live close to Lake Michigan, I usually use beach sand mixed in gesso. I've found a gal of gesso is cheaper than similar in "white" glue. Of course getting the sand this time of year is a bit of work! ;)

  5. Well done Pat. Our club will be doing some VSF later this year so just the thing to get me in the mood.

  6. Nice civvies Pat :)

    You do have a lady in there, so you should probably add the "Sarah's Choice" tag to the post.

  7. Great job Pat - my favourite is "The Rake" - nice fellow, I'm sure...

  8. Lots of character there, personal favourite is the gravedigger..

  9. Well done Pat, especially given the dental challenges. Really like the sculpts, RAFM have some cool stuff even by today's standards.

  10. Nice figs, congrats on hitting your target, sorry about the teeth

  11. The Lady in Green is lovely! She has flirtatious look about her, as though she has just dropped a lace handkerchief for an admirer to pick up and deliver to her later ........
    A worthy entrant in the Sarah's Choice Awards.

    1. I agree, she's my favourite as well, though, unlike Sarah, I think she's a shoplifter making a dash from a jewelry store. ;)

    2. Ooooh! I like that scenario too!
      I think the Lady in Green is a con artiste, equally adept at flirtatious behaviour to further her ambitions as well as a little shop lifting to help make ends meet.

  12. Nice work with some real characters. I do like your soft touch with the your AP


  13. A very nice selection of characters. I particularly like the domino mask on the assassin!

  14. I like this group. Are they all from the same manufacturer? I use brush on varnish and can highly recommend Vallejo Matte.