Monday, 25 January 2016

From MilesR: 28mm WW2 Vehicles (45 points)

 Who loves painting tanks during a Blizzard? - this guy!

Yet even more WW2 vehicles from three different manufactures.
 First up is a Hungarian Zrinyi Assault gun with a long barreled 75mm AT gun.  The model comes from Mad Bob's miniatures and came to me via their kickstarter.  I doubt I'll build a Hungarian army but I liked the look the tank.
 Next up is the "German Sherman" a model of the Panzer IV f2,  This is an interesting kit as its a very early 3D printer kit from RPG models.  I got it back at my first Hisotricon in 2011.  Despite the early date for a 3D printed kit, it's really detailed and came in just two pieces - the hull and the turret.
 Lastly, my Soviets need a little love and they be getting that in the form of a Warlord BA-10 armored car.

My three vehicles heading off into the sunset - some are muddier than others!

3 vehicles and 15 points each equals 45 points

Well obviously blizzards suit you Miles.  These are three very nice AFVS.  I really like the  Zrinyi, I am not at all familiar with minor states AFVs .  The Panzer 4 is a really nice model, I love that it's a vintage 3D printed model.  And those Soviet Acs really look the business, even if they do look like they'll topple over easily.  Nice weathering, especially on the Mark 4.


  1. very nice though wouldn't white wash for snow camo have been more aproprate :)

  2. You have been productive whilst in the grip of Snowzilla. Nice looking tanks!

    Sorry to hear you haven't seen any woolly Mammoths yet :)

  3. I do like the Hungarian Tank Destroyer, I have not seen one before. They all look good though but that one is just a little different.

  4. Very nice motor pool, Miles! ;)
    I really like the Hungarian vick!

  5. Jonas clearly has a lot to answer for! I think we should all complain to the relevant authority, aka Mr Snowlord ;)

    Nice vehicles Miles :)

    1. I'm afraid this Jonas fellow is not on the payroll. Sorry. Must be one of those foreign migrants 'The Donald' keeps telling us about.

  6. Nice collection of armour. I like the Hungarian assault gun - always nice to see something different.

  7. Nice collection of AFVs there Miles.

  8. You've really dug up some eclectic AFVs for this year's challenge Miles - good one!

  9. You've really dug up some eclectic AFVs for this year's challenge Miles - good one!

  10. Love these tanks! Same as everyone, I particularly like the Hungarian AFV, though in the photos it looks hauntingly like a block of cheese. Maybe it's because I'm hungry...

  11. I've never seen a Zrinyi before, nice find!

  12. Some serious heavy metal, great stuff!