Saturday, 5 March 2016

From DaveD - Manic Miners... (10 points)

Ev turned to his companion Millsy and said, "Millsy look, just the place. A mining supplies shop and we need new tools, we can get all we need from there. "

The pair had traveled to the new world looking to make their fortunes by finding the precious golden nugget . They had landed up in Serenity Flatts , the latest gold-rush town. They had heard rumours of the town which once had a Mountie capture the Wests biggest coward Budgie Ray in a dramatic shoot out (truth be told it was more that Ray ran away)

(Ran away. Ran away?! I have very fond memories of Ray being flung from the balcony of the town's saloon, missing the watertrough by a few yards (ahem), and then being dragged unconscious to the train while a gun battle raged all around him. - ed)

Millsy scratching his head and looking somewhat bemused took his trusty shovel in hand, turned to Ev and said - "My shovel is just the same as the day I was presented it by Major Docherty at my de-mob. I am not buying a new one." 

He continued " This one has only had 17 new blades and 14 new handles in its time"

Ev shaking his head said ...."Millsy ... how the hell can it be the same blooming shovel!!"

Will Millsy find the golden nugget? Will he be able to claim he has "Gold In My Pocket"

I think the miniatures are by Tiger Miniatures if I remember correctly. They will be part of my upcoming creation of the Serenity gold mine...

Right I am off to find a tin hat!
Dave you're a complete loon, but I love it. At least this one doesn't have any 'up the Khyber' allusions to it, but what is this 'Golden Nugget' you're going on about? Ah well, I'm sure all will be revealed in its good time. :)
Well done Mr. Docherty, this was another great Saturday run for you, and you've kept the steam up for the group as we head into the penultimate week of the Challenge.


  1. I think that story about "the same shovel" needs a Trigger warning ;)

    Nice miners Dave :)

  2. Great figures Dave and the building is great too.

  3. Great story and great job on the figs - and the building is spot-on ("Le Petomane"? Genius!)

    Hey, it just occurred to me - it's a good thing the nefarious Ray has been apprehended - he might have tried to contribute to the delinquency of miners...!

    ...I'll get me coat.

    1. Cheers Ev... Wondered if any one would spot the Blazing Saddles reference...A number of the establishments in town are run by the Johnson family too..

  4. What the hell is that I'm supposed to be wearing Dave? It looks like an old mattress cover topped off with a doormat! :-)

    1. I assumed that was period "mining gear"...

    2. I'm just hoping that hat has a steel plate in it. It looks like Ev is about to brain him with that pick axe!

    3. He has his safety bowler hat on , no fear!

  5. Bloody hell that shovel has changed more than the "Sugarbabes!"
    Miners this year I love it and look forward to seeing the workings when they are done. Nice figures now who will crew the "monitor"?

  6. A heart of gold!
    they are really nice!

  7. Ha! Diggers! ;)
    Why does Ev seem to be a out to kosh Millsy in the noggin?!
    Nicely done, Dave! All you need is a toll booth! ;)