Tuesday, 10 January 2017

From ChristianH - Well I am a bit late on take off but hey it begins. (212 points)

For my first round in Challenge number 7 I would like to present a mix of OOLLDD 20mm plastic WWII British infantry and some more up to date AB miniatures. I have regressed lately back to 1/72 scale WWII games (as with many I started with Airfix oh a long time ago in a galaxy far........wrong world sorry) and thought it would be nice to drag some old stuff from a box and make a platoon or two so this builds on my WWII that I put together over the last year. Images a little weak but I'll try better next time. Oh, thanks to all (especially Curt) for running the challenge again.
Command and Extras (some matchbox? told you it was old)

Mortar, MMG, observer, Medic and flamethrower

AB section

Plastic section

AB tankers not based due to the fact that the bases are, well, tanks

The whole group for my British platoon, two sections

PSC Sherman V Millicast Staghound 1/72

Sherman V closer with no decals, sorry but I have none at present and probably wont get any until I figure out what units fought with the Highland Division around Caen in June and July of 1944


Staghound, gotta love Tamyia rattlecans, and an our to spare.

Really nice little model of the Staghound and I love all the stowage

This makes up I believe 44 infantry with 3 half minis, 2 AFVs amounting to 200 points not including points for half minis??? And hopefully an extra 50 points for the armoured challenge.

Alan and Paul: 1/72 scale doesn't get nearly the love it deserves, and it's great to see these painted up. What rules are you going to use them for? The Staghound is my favourite with all the stowage. Unfortunately we missed that part of this entry was for the armour challenge, but Curt will be awarding you the extra 50 points, as you certainly got it in in time. With the tank commanders, this little lot earns you 212 points, plus the 50 that Curt will bestow.  That's a great start to your Challenge!


  1. Great to see a Staghound with the stowage on it. Without the stowage they look nothing like the WWII photos. Good stuff all round . cheers

  2. Nice work Christian. I really like your work on that Staghound.

  3. Nice one Christian, you certainly don't think small - the Staghound is a standout!

  4. Makes me go back to my first wargames, good looking minis


  5. Nice - the Staghound is particularly well done.

  6. I have quite a lot of them too, yours are far better painted!

  7. Good stuff . Great to see the old guys

  8. thanks for the comments all, most kind but there are some very nice minis being painted at the moment and i am looking forward to seeing most of them here.

  9. Holy 70s flashback Batman, Matchbox figures! Great post, love the armour.

  10. Great work. Nice to see 20mm get some love.

    What system are these based for?

  11. I agree with Dave above, it's great to see 1/72 getting some attention - it's such a useful scale for WWII stuff. Great Staghound, Chris. I have a few Milicast kits to build and I hope they turn out as nicely as yours. A pity it didn't make it into the Armour theme, but I awarded you the bonus points as a salve. (To all: Be sure to submit your entries separately so I can easily identify them for the bonus rounds.)

  12. You may have a late start, but it is a very good start.

    I also agree 20mm (1/72nd Scale) is one of the best scales for wargaming. Big enough to see everything and with so many kits available pretty much anything 20th Century is about. Keep up the good work and treat us to more 20mm stuff when you can!