Sunday, 21 January 2018

From JasperO: By the Skin of My Teeth - Caesarian Roman Centurion (5 Points)

I blame jet lag. I had a Roman catapult & crew almost completely ready for the BFG round (I'll explain why I think it would've qualified when I post the completed model), but flying back from the States last Thu left me with what I like to call 'scramble brain': the physical part of me, that handles the brushes, was back in NL, but the directive part was still somewhere over the Atlantic. So that didn't work out...

Since today is also the cut-off, I'll have to take the expedient of offering up the crew's commanding officer. He's a Foundry Caesarian Roman. His underlings and artillery piece will follow next week. Please don't kick me out before then!

Embarrassing to admit for the editor of Ancient Warfare, this is also my first ever completed Roman.

1 Wargames Foundry 28mm figure.


Under the wire, but in such style! Welcome back to the Challenge Jasper.

Lovely work, sir. You've done a beautiful job on his musculature, facial features and armour. Now, get over your jet lag and finish the rest of the crew and their catapult - we want to see more from you soon. 

5 points to prime the pan...


  1. Welcome back Jasper, great to see your ore again. Lovely job despite the jetlag. Given your role as editor for AW, I think that you need a Roman army or three!

  2. What time do you call this then...?

    Lovely bit of work there, welcome to the party!

  3. Jasper, this is a good start. Lovely painted Centurion it will stand out in any wargame table

  4. Skies in under the wire... neat