Sunday, 21 January 2018

From RobertW: 28mm Ghost Pirates (30 Points)

So this is my first time being in the painting challenge, and I'm finally getting my first submission done.  One of my goals, is to not make any purchases to complete the Challenge, but to rely on my existing stash.  

Due to some untimely work being done at my home, the majority of my miniatures and painting supplies have been moved temporarily to storage.  And with the recent cold weather in the U.S. Mid Atlantic (among other places), the work at my home has stalled.  I had a few miniatures on hand, some tube artist acrylic paints, and some basic brushes, so I thought I'd give them a go.  I started painting some Old Glory Dwarves to build a warband for Dragon Rampant, but I found the results I was getting with these paints and brushes were terrible.  I set the dwarves aside and tried again on some Foundry Cutthroats, but again I was getting poor results.  So with the cutoff approaching, and wanting to stay in the Challenge, I copped out and painted the pirates as ghost pirates.

I found that even thinning the paints with matte medium the results were either chalky, or thin and streaky.  Not at all what I had hoped. These paints did make a passable wash when thinned with some alcohol.

I still have about 30 more of these cuthroats, so I'll probably paint some more as ghost pirates, and the rest as regular pirates.  

Now that the arctic conditions seem to be subsiding I hope to finish my home project quickly so that I can get my proper paints and brushes out of storage and complete some better projects. 

6 x 28mm figures from Foundry (30 Points)


First of all Robert, welcome to the Challenge!

I'm sorry to hear of your extended home renovations and appreciate the efforts you went through to get your entry in before the cutoff. Great work! 

These spectral seadogs look the business. The luminous grey-green you've used really does provide a wonderful effect and will provide an excellent basis for your upcoming reinforcements. I look forward to seeing more as you become settled into your home. 

30 points for your entry onto the roster. Again, welcome aboard and well done!


  1. I think these work well, great opening salvo

  2. Nice finish on these ghosts!
    Best Iain

  3. Great to see another challenger on the score board, good luck with the renos. Those pirates turned out very well, nice ghost effects.

  4. Nicely done. Monochromatic painting is a very challenging technique