Friday, 12 January 2018

From MilesR: 28mm Union Regiment and More Terrain (237 Points)

 This submission will be varied in nature to say the least.  First up is a return to the ACW for me in the form of the 71st PA Volunteers - a 24 figure Union Infantry Regiment.  The figures are from the newish Perry plastic Union set - which is really just the confederate set with the addition four figure sprue for skirmishing units - kind of new, kind of not.

 This represents my 19th regiment for the Union side.  I have 16 for the Confederates so it's a largish collection.

I really like the Perry plastics and you'll see a few more regiments before the Challenge is done

Next up is some more Dungeon terrain - 8 more 4x4 sections and a large 12x12 inch room.  A lot more to build before the Challenge is over.

The terrain set so far.  It's about 1/3 done.  I want to spend sometime working on some LED lighting to jazz up the look. and make a few larger rooms.

 To finish out this rather eclectic submission are three 28mm vehicles.  From left to right, A British Scimitar light Tank, a german half track and a Toyota "Technical" with a twin AA gun mounted in the back.  The two modern vehicles are from Empress Miniatures.
The halftrack is a plastic kit from Rubicon and was a bit difficult to build

We've recently added 2 rescue cats to our household.  The kitten, Izzy, seems to really like me and has now become a constant companion.  You can see her helping me keep up the status of the Challenge.

Next Up: Pirates!


Lovely work Miles. I know you have been painting ACW for quite awhile, but had not realized just how large your collection had grown. 35 Regiments now, Holy Smokes, that is very impressive!! 

And while we're on the topic, your bespoke dungeon terrain continues to impress. I really like the new well and that large room will come in handy for future epic battles. I look forward to seeing how you mod it with LED lighting. Such a cool project.

The new vehicles are very nice. The weathering on the technical is excellent (I like the replacement door still in its raw primer).

You can get Izzy to check my math, but I'm putting this lot at 237 points, with 12 added for the flags and custom terrain work. A wonderful and varied entry Miles!


  1. I'll second Curt's comments on the scale of the ACW collection and the dungeon terrain. I also like your vehicles and wonder if the half track will appear inside the dungeon.

    Well done, and good luck with your new feline overlord.

  2. Great stuff mate! Great looking ACW regiment

    Bring on the Pirates! Yarrr....

  3. Lots and lots of goodness here Miles. And a cat pic as well to top it all off :)

  4. Fantastic terrain for dungeoneering.

  5. Your dungeon terrain is nothing short of inspirational Miles.

  6. I really like the Pennsylvania boys, I have quite a few Perry kits hanging around for Miner's Creek. Have you any thoughts on the Union Highlander regiment?
    The dungeon terrain is coming along really nice too, I will probably use your methods as my kids want to do more dungeon crawl and less fantasy war.
    The Vick are nice too, but that technical looks almost too clean...I'll paint it with a laser and let CAS fix it for ya! ;)

  7. Lovely work on the Union troops, Miles!

  8. Lovely Perry plastics! Dungeons are fab and the vehicles look great!
    Best Iain