Monday, 26 February 2018

From ChristopherS: Pennsylvania Provincials in light equipment and SCW Officer (50 points)

Just completed my second unit of Pennsylvania Provincials for Sharp Practice, but this time in light equipment. I'm really not set up to be a very good competitor for AHPC as I tend to paint at a glacial pace, but I do enjoy participating even if my contributions are very small.

At this rate I'll have FIW forces ready for Sharp Practice in a year or so I figure so I'm crossing my fingers the pace will pick up at sometime.....but if not I'll have fun along the way as the figures from Galloping Major are a real pleasure to paint. 

I picked up an excellent copy of "The British defeat of the French in Pennsylvania, 1758" by Douglas R. Gubbison that looks like with some effort I could make a campaign of sorts from the information which is quite detailed.

The figures are from Galloping Major and the paints I used were Foundry with some Vallejo here and there. I highly recommend the figures if your looking for some painter friendly figures which I quite like.

I could be taking a break from FIW for a bit to paint up some AWI for Sharp Practice which would only require me painting a few skirmish figures and officers as I already have the core formed units completed. I also would like to add a few more Airborne to my WWII collection as we are really playing a lot of the fantastic 'Chain of Command' rules and I need more options added.

Also last year Nick beat me in the SCW side challenge and to my shame took me a whole year almost to get him his figure, but he of course took it all in good natured patience. The figure is an Republican officer from Empress that I had double of and that he didn't have yet so worked out great.

The nine 28mm Pennsylvanians and one SCW Republican officer should give me 50pts.

Thanks for viewing!


Oh my, Christopher, these are just brilliant!  Your Pennsylvania Provincials are just perfect for the French-Indian Wars and the age of flintlocks and feathers!  I love their subtle green uniforms and the wonderful basing, allowing them to really blend into the forest environment.  The Galloping Major range does look to be very fine figures indeed, and you've really brought these to life with the brush.  They all looks splendid, with the officer or sergeant bellowing out the order to reload being perhaps my favourite.

And huge congratulations for the very nice SCW Republican Officer - always a great touch for duelling Challengers to present a small trophy from an enjoyable Challenge.  Again, I love the careful colouring you've used, the subtle paintwork for the uniform and the evocative basing.  A lovely prize.  

Well done, Christopher.  These are all terrific, and will give you 50 well earned points to your total!


  1. Wow, lovely FIW provincials. You've got that green down perfectly - always a hard colour to capture.

  2. Great looking provincials, I really like the varied gaiters combined with the uniform jackets, lovely work and the republican officer is just brilliant!
    Best Iain

  3. Fine brushwork! Great job Christopher.

  4. Outstanding painting Chris! Having had the chance to see your provincials up close I can only attest to your (as usual) high standard. Also many thanks for the officer. He‘s already sitting alongside his comrades! eagerly waiting for their first deployment.

  5. Great looking troops Christopher :)

  6. Wow, beautiful brushwork Chris! The greens on the Provincials are wonderful and that Republican officer is simply superb. Bravo!

  7. Nice one Christophers, the scenic photos really enhance the great painting skills you posses.

  8. Nice work, Christopher, especially that last fig - that's a real prize!