Saturday, 10 March 2018

From ByronM: Greeks, Greeks, and More Greeks (300 points)

I have had a bunch of painting time this last week as the wife and I went away to a resort in western Manitoba about 3 hours north west of us.  So, given that it is winter we didn't go for the weather... Instead we took hobby stuff to do, sat and relaxed and drank lots of wine in front of the fireplace, I painted a bunch, and we had friends join us for several days to play board games and drink yet more wine.

I do have to apologize about the pictures though, I got back into town late Friday, am unpacking and had to base everything until the wee hours Saturday morning, and am setting up a game here for the Snow lord Curt himself today in a few hours since he is in town visiting, and just did not have time to setup everything to get good pictures like I did last week.  So they are all a real rush job on the pictures without any cleanup or balancing at all, nor a proper setup.

All that said, at the end of the week, I now almost have my Greek forces done!  First up are 2 more units of what I am calling Thebian and Athenian troops.

These units are both from Victrix from the Thebian box set, but they look so similar I think they can be used as either.
I did one unit with spears at rest and the other in throwing position.

Both units got treated to shield decals from LBM to finish them off.

Next up is a pair of 8 man javelin units.  Both are again from Victrix, and while I like the figures they are pretty plain (but then I am not sure what I expect for guys in robes, so they are just fine).

Each unit is on 40mm square bases instead of the deeper bases the phalanxes are on.

Next are 2 command stands.  Both are for the Greek allied force (Athenian, Thebian and allies) and each contain 2 figures.

I did one in green and one in blue and both are made up of Foundry figures that are very characterful and were a lot of fun to paint.

Last up are 7 different casualty stands that contain 8 figures total.  I did notice taking the pictures that I forgot to glue on the spear to the one stand with 2 figures, so that will happen later today.
I like the idea of having some way to represent shock / casualties on units that are characterful and fit in, rather than just having dice or crumps next to them.  Sure those work, and this solution actually still uses dice, I think they just add that little something to the game.

Rather than the tedious task of making dice trays out of plastic card or card stock, I instead took the far simpler option of designing them in a 3d modeller and then 3d printing them.  They are all perfectly square and hold the dice perfectly and no muss or fuss.

So, with just a bit over a week left in the challenge I am almost done the 16 units I wanted to complete to have 2 playable Greek forces for Hail Caesar.  I should be able to finish up another unit before the end, but who knows.  Either way, I have a solid amount of Greeks done and ready to go.

Since I only got home from being away Friday evening, I didn't get a chance to setup a group shot, but that will happen for next week.


Fabulous post Byron, you certainly managed to keep yourself busy last week, it sounded absolutely wonderful.  Can't wait to see the group shot next week.  Now technically prone figures are not awarded the full 5 points, but given that you have actually created casualty markers with yours I am more than happy to award the full 300 points for the post, bravo Sir.


  1. Ye Gods Byron, what's your secret? How did you convince your Wife to allow you to paint ehile on a joint get-away?! My wife would tell me something else altogether. Anyway, great work on the Greeks!

    1. Pretty sure mine would do the same!

    2. Why would I not be able to, as mentioned it was to a cabin in the woods in winter! There was not much to do, it was just to get away and relax. Besides that, I paid for the trip, how would she have a say? :-p

      Now, painting on a trip someplace sunny, warm, and having lots of outdoor activities... I wouldn't do that.

  2. Great looking Greeks, even more impressive being able to paint on a joint trip away!
    Best Iain

  3. Beautiful work Byron and terrific output for a week. I have to say they look even better in person. Well done!

  4. I’ve always liked your Greeks and these are no exception!