Saturday, 10 March 2018

From TeemuL: Chaos Spawns and Iron Guard (50 points)

This week I return to my Astra Militarum with this special weapon squad. There are three troopers with grenade launcher and three with trusty lasgun. They are metal Mordian miniatures by the Perry twins. I painted them in my yellow-red-blue theme I have used on my troopers.

These were acquired from fellow Challenge participant, Sander, and I was "forced" to paint some of them during the Challenge.

I think they look rather nice, the color theme works better on these than on Cadians, I think, but it doesn't like too parade with the dirty wash I used. Happy with these and looking forward to paint more.

And then two Chaos Spawns for my Chaos Age of Sigmar army. One of them is clearly a follower of Khorne and the other is a follower of Nurgle - the two Chaos gods my army generally consists of. I have quite a lot of old miniatures in my army and I decided to give all of them the classic Goblin Green base, so these two have them as well.

I should have used some greenstuff to hide some joins, but they don't look that bad from the distance and you can forgive a lot, because they are Chaos Spawns.

I used some violet wash on both, on the mutations on the Khorne one and on the bone spikes etc on the Nurgle one.

Troopers are 5 points each, so 30 points.
Chaos Spawns count maybe as mounted character or crew served weapon, so I ask for 10 points each. I will satisfy for less, I'm confident to meet my target. :)


More splendid work Teemu and my word those Chaos Spawns are huge!  Happy to count those are as a 54mm miniatures, so 10 points for each.  With this 50 points you are but a whisker away from reaching your target score, well done Sir.


  1. Damn it hate it when I have to paint something. These all turned out well Teemu, nice colours on the demons.

  2. "Forced" you say kind sir? Well, I only expressed the feeling that it would be grand to see how those figures would benefit from your capable hands. Very well as it turns out. Very good indeed