Saturday, 10 March 2018

From DaveX: Some More Winter Germans (47 Points)

This week I managed to complete painting 9 more Winter Germans for my WW2 28mm Winter Germans by Warlord Games.

Winter bases are so much more interesting I find and really looks great on the table.

The group shot shows 10 figures, as I painted 1 prior to the challenge however the following photos after the group shot are the 9 I painted for the challenge.

My 3 Favorite Poses

Thanks for looking.  This should bag me a handy 45 points!


Firstly, excuse the intrusion Dave, but I could see that your post was marked as 'Ready' so I thought that I would just jump in there and post it with the rest of the Saturday Showcase.  These really are superb, I couldn't agree more about the winter bases, they really add something magical to the board.  Now we could get into a debate as to whether or not that is a crewed weapon, but as you haven't mentioned it yourself, I shall just quietly add a couple of bonus points for the thematic basing.  Splendid work Sir.


  1. Very nice work Dave! :)

    Thanks for minioning this one Michael - it must have come in after I went to bed last night.

  2. Splendid work! Really well done on the painting as well as on the basing! I do wholeheartedly agree on your sentiment regarding the winter theme. It looks very special compared to the more common ‚gravel & flock‘ theme. My only gripe is you need a dedicated board in order to make look it right. That’s what keeps me from plunging in head first myself...

  3. Terrific work, winter themed games are just so much cooler!

  4. Great work on the winter basing. Well done.

  5. The painting on these figures is awesome!

  6. Thanks for getting my latest entry in! Was about 40 minutes past my Friday dead line! Also thanks to all the kind comments, a terrific community here

  7. Great looking winter Germans and lovely basing!
    Best Iain

  8. Awesome work with that tricky colour. WHITE!. Well done. cheers

  9. Fantastic work on the painting and basing of these frozen, wintry troops. The white uniforms and frost-bitten look is really impressive. Just great, Dave!