Friday, 8 February 2019

From GregB: 40k Vostroyan Heavy Weapons Section (60 points)

Vostroyan lascannon teams for GW's Warhammer 40k setting.
Back to 40k again for this Painting Challenge submission.  Here are some more "Vostroyan" troops, members of the Imperial Guard in GW's "Warhammer 40k" game.  This is a heavy weapons section - a trio of two-man teams equipped with Lascannons, the heaviest of the approximately-man-portable heavy weapons in the 40k setting.

Great sculpts from GW, back in the days when they made proper, metal castings.
I had an earlier submission featuring an officer and some special weapon troopers. As with that lot, these figures have also been sitting in my hoard for several years. It is a great feeling to get some paint on them, and continue to build my small collection of Vostroyan troops into something large enough to stand on its own on the table.

Spotting a target down reality, these things will be doing a lot of point-blank shooting.  It is 40k, after all.
Imperial Guard forces count on their heavy weapons to have any chance on the gaming table in the face of the assorted alien and heretic nightmares which plague the universe of the grim and dark far-future, so these lascannons will be critical.  They can knock out vehicles, monsters and heavily-armoured infantry, and the three teams firing together helps to compensate for the fact that, when I am rolling the dice, at least two will miss with every volley...

Seems...not so safe to kneel that close to a heavy weapon? Oh well...
Of course they continue to feature all sorts of baroque whackiness all of the Vostroyan sculpts have - re-breathers, spooky goggles, colpacks etc.  Some of it even features on the lascannons - note the silly embossed "V" on the weapons.  It's a touch nutty, and I really like it.

The dismal Winnipeg winter can be seen in the blurry distance from my kitchen...not sure what these troopers would make of it...
There are six infantry models and three crew-served weapons in this submission.  I think that works out to 60 points in theory, but a Lascannon is not that big of a "crew-served weapon", so I am thinking they should score at five points each - in all, 45 more points toward my overall points target and my mediocre showing in the "Evil Empire" side duel.


Oh, finally, some not French. 

You've done your usual thorough job on the Vostroyans, especially the white greatcoats and the highlighting on the colpacks. Very nice looking troops.

As for the lascannons not being "that big" they look on par with some smaller artillery pieces. Plus there's quite a bit of detail. So, who are we to dispute the Spreadsheet of DOOM when it says 60 points?  


  1. Awesome work dude - love these guys. Being pragmatic Guardsmen, I imagine they probably just blaze away with those things simple to get some warmth from the barrels.

  2. Very nice work Greg! They look suitably dressed for our winter weather.

  3. Very nice, similar views out of my window too.

  4. More excellent looking Vostroyans!

  5. Great looking guardsmen, super finish!
    Best Iain

  6. These look just wonderful Greg!


  7. Great looking Vostroyans Greg!

  8. Brilliant! I love all of the metal imperial guard sculpts so it’s a real treat to see these get their day on the tabletop.