Friday, 8 February 2019

From PeteF: 5eme Chevaux Legeres Lancers Old Old School Minifigs (60 points)

Napoleonic Minifigs is where it all started for me and I've been picking up French here and there to face off against the Anglo-Allied collection I inherited.

These are (I think) first generation Minifigs rather than the second generation which I prefer. Nevertheless, all unpainted lead deserves a coat and I needed a few lancers for a game I'm running this Saturday (at Ambuscade in Portland OR). First generation are smaller and the sculpts are more basic.

They are painted as the 5th regiment of lancers because I liked the sky blue facings colour.  There are  a few things that are technically not quite correct with the sculpts and/or paint job - but can you spot them? And if you can spot them, does it matter? And if it does, does it matter that it matters?

The 25mm French army is growing - 8 battalions of Ligne arrived from a seller in New Zealand for my birthday - so these guys will have friends. I enjoy the heft of old school figures and they awaken fond wargaming memories of family and friends.

In a moment of weakness this week I enquired as to whether there were any more players' spots available for The Great Game, a record breaking Waterloo battle in Glasgow in June. I'm somewhat relieved that the player spots are full as I'd have a lot of figures to paint (as it will be a 28mm game) and ship across the Herring Pond. On the other hand they need umpires and other volunteers so if I can justify the trip to the UK maybe I'll still be able to go.

6x25mm for 60 points - nothing for the squirrel this week.


Even more French! If it wasn't for those pirates, it looks like it'd be All French All Friday!

Those look about right for Minifigs. While they were some of my first figures (in 15mm), I have much less fond memories of them. Mainly because of the massive honking flash on the horses.

On the other hand, their guns were great.

Either way, they're classics.

60 points inbound!