Saturday, 9 February 2019

From MilesR: Buildings in Various Scales Saturday (204 points)

 The past week has seen a lot of scenery work and a hobby disaster of epic proportions.  How's that for a teaser opening?

Lets go with what has worked.  First some 15mm Spanish themed buildings.
These four were 3D printed by yours truly and come out "OK" - you can see the striations if you look closely but I'm still happy with them.
 The next are some laser cut kits fro Empires at War and they are amazing - really the best MDF kits I've run across.  There are LOTS of detail parts so assembly is time consuming but the finish product is superb.  You may see a few more of these gems over the next few weeks.

Lets go back to both the Old West and 28mm with these kits from Sarissa Precision.  8 buildings in total - 6 Mexican Village buildings and a foundry and barn in the upper left.
A close up of the four smaller Mexican buildings including a small Jail and Catina

and the jail even comes with Prison cells!
A Mexican bank - it does feel a bit big compared to the other buildings
 A nice little Church.  Whats that in the back upper right corner?

And ,finally, a barn and foundry.  This pretty much completes the Old West portion of the Challenge and I'm now set to run a few games of deadman's hand up at the club.

My points estimate is based on volume and if you push all these building together they occupy a space that it 24 inches wide, 23 inches deep and an average of 4 inches high.  Using my mathematical skills, that computes to a volume of 2,208 cubic inche.  Remember, our base cube unit of measure is 216 cubic inches.  Ok here the exciting part: 2,208 divided by 216 equals 10.2 units, so that's 204 points.

So what was the disaster?  Well, I've been wanting to redo my sectional terrain to both lighten the weight and change to a base size of 2 ft x 2 ft squares - those are easier to transport and provide a lot flexibility design wise.  I've come up with a neat design and was planning to "unveil it" next week with the river sections as part of the "Water Feature" bonus round.  There's a reason resin pours are a bit nerve racking.  After building out the river sections and doing the base ground work, it was time to mix and pour the resin.  Now I've used the resin mix many times before without a hitch but this batch must have been bad because it cured a distinct pink color. To be honest I'm not sure if it's bad resin or color leaching from the base or I'm just a moron. It's pretty much even odds between the three choices.  Never-the-less, I need to redo do 8 ft of rivers and will not get them done in time for the bonus round next week.

Necessity is the mother of invention so lets see what I can come up with the following "raw" materials:


Wowzers, that's a heap of lovely terrain Miles. I agree, Sarissa produces a nice product, as clearly exhibited by these Western-themed buildings (especially liking the jail and foundry). Your 3D prints also look excellent. Where did you source the files for them?

I would have liked to have seen the 8 feet of pink river, but look forward to the Big Unveil of the 2.0 version.

10.2 cubes, is it? Well, we won't cross examine the numbers of a Financial Products Professional. What possibly could go wrong? 204 points it is.


  1. Great terrain Miles. Sorry to hear about the resin mishap.

  2. Great terrain. Empires at war are a great range of everything good. Terrible sentence

  3. Grand work. Unlucky on the river ... hope it comes together

  4. A wonderful selection. That tower is really cool.

  5. Too bad on the river, but at least the rest has come out great!

  6. How do you manager to churn out so much terrain? It's amazing! Splendid stuff, Miles!

    1. I cheated a bit as I haven't painted or really detailed the interiors!

  7. Thanks for the comments. I'm really impressed with the quality of both Sarissa Precision and Empires at War - there's a lot of thought that goes into theses kits which makes assembly very intuitive. The one key I have found is to lay out all the parts in a logical assembly order.

  8. Great looking terrain, good luck with resin gate!
    Best Iain

  9. Wonderful looking terrain Miles too bad about the river not working out as planned. Since it's pink maybe use it for a Sci-fi/fantasy board?


  10. Dang Miles, that's all awesome stuff here! Can I persuade you to paint up all my undone MDF buildings?

  11. Great work Miles, love those Empires at War buildings. I would like to see your river of Pepto Bismol, sounds like it would fit in Barks’ Blackstone project!


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