Saturday, 9 February 2019

From EvanH - Witch Hunter (5 points)

A late entry for the week, a Witch Hunter figure from the Games Workshop board game Talisman. He'll definitely be getting employment with my old Mordheim warband, The Brotherhood of the Cleansing Flame.

He's a great figure, bristling with amulets, protective scrolls, and (most importantly) weaponry. I've painted his buff coat in Vallejo Heavy Khaki, and highlighted the black clothing in Vallejo Black Grey.

Although he's in the grimdark biz of hunting Chaos and Undead in the far reaches of the Empire, I've given him a cloak lined in red to give him a bit of a flash dress sense. Black does benefit from accent colours, after all!

The flagstone base texture was sculpted in black Milliput, and drybrushed in grey.

The sword hilt is painted in Vallejo Brass and inked with Citadel Agrax Earthshade. Silver metalwork  was inked in GW Nuln Oil

That's all for this week - regiments are proving more time-consuming to paint than I had anticipated!

Will I have anything ready for next weekend? Stay tuned...



Great work, Ev. GW has done very well with this figure as I think they've issued it in about six different variants between WHF and 40K. In your interpretation, his dour puritanism is challenged by the posh red silk lining of his cloak and hatband. Maybe there will be a rival Witchfinder dispatched to bring him low for being too fashion conscious. Sigh, they make it hard to cut a dash in Mordheim.

 5 points for you Mr. Hughes.


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