Wednesday, 20 February 2019

From StuartL - Crusaders (35 points)

My first post for this week is a batch of six Crusaders. The models are all from Fireforge Games.
Originally, I had planned to have these finished and painted by last week, but sometimes life gets in the way. A friend of mine left the country a few weeks ago and went back to stay with his family in New Zealand. He did this on short notice and left a lot of stuff behind. He asked me to go to his old apartment, collect his hobby stuff and put it into a lock-up for him. So on Saturday before last, I took a train for 90 minutes out to where my friend had been staying and then spent most of the day moving boxes around. No painting was done that day.
The day after, I had planned to do some painting, but my better half had to write a report for our local community group and asked me to sit with her as she wasn't familiar with the software I have installed on my PC. This took about 4 hours or so, no painting was done that day.
So, two days of the weekend down, but I had a cunning plan. Monday was a public holiday. I could paint then. But wait, the Water Feature bonus round was coming up and I needed to finish my entry. Grabbing everything I needed, I proceeded to finish off the terrain I had been working on during the afternoon and finally added the Water Effects to complete the piece. With that done I went to have dinner, expecting to get some painting done in the evening. After a nice meal I went back to my little hobby hole and found that the terrain had warped itself into an unusable mess. The glue had been fine. The paint had been fine, but the Water Effects had done something to the top layer of the foamcore and ruined it. This killed my motivation entirely and so no painting was done that day either.
So, these crusaders are a week late, but finally done. I have more on the way for next week (hopefully). Fingers crossed I can get some serious painting done this week. I am not sure about the colour scheme I have used, but I'm happy with it. Nobody in my group is a serious historian and if it looks good on the table, that will satisfy me.

So, that's 6x 28mm figures for a total of 30 Points and a Squirrel for my tally.

The first of your submissions for the week has netted you 30 points plus another 5 for the handpainted shields. Very nice work!

What's the next item on the agenda...?



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. The black is Vallejo Black Grey with a black wash. It's quick and easy, but looks good enough for the table.

  2. Looks like a great but gloomy but serious bunch of Crusaders. Very nice! Best of luck in finding time for our hobby. Some weeks fly by with little time to ourselves. cheers

  3. I'm really going to have to get some Fireforge miniatures! They have a wonderful look to them . That black is well done with the red!


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