Saturday, 23 March 2019

From MilesR: Challenge IX Wrap-Up

 Challenge IX's production represents a personal best for me with just over 5K points and barely fits on my 8x4 foot table.  It's also notable in that the points output isn't dominated by 28mm figures.  There were 3 areas of focus for Challenge nine - 15mm Napoleonics, 28mm Wild West and ACW and Terrain - lots of terrain.

 On the 28mm side I added some more to my Perry ACW collection which was required for my Cold Wars convention games which went rather well.  There was also a good bit of 28mm "heroic scaled" Wild West stuff including a ton of buildings.
 The main area of focus this year (and likely next year) was 15mm Napoleonics as you can see in this picture.  There's a good start to an Austrian Army and I've also finished all the odds and ends I need put on my Historicon game this summer (including the ships).  The game is titles "To Catch a King" and will depict a British attempt to spirit King George away from the clutches of Napoleon after a he has invaded Britain.  Of course with King George being THAT King George, his movements may be a little erratic at times.

I'm not sure why Curt insists on inflicting all of you with the lasting visual trauma of my visage but he does - perhaps you all have greatly wronged him in a past life.  So here goes.  I do like the way my glasses squish my head in - very stylish.

The distribution of this year's points is as follows (and yes there is a spreadsheet)

15mm Napoleonic:                  2,133
Terrain:                                    1,780
Wild West                                   640
28mm ACW                               335
"other"                                        163
  Total                                       5,051

Please note that out of respect to all of your intellects, I do not stoop to the tawdry use of flashy charts and graphs as some less discerning challengers may.  Let us keep our mathematical discourse out of the graphic gutter.

Next year's challenge will likely focus on 15mm nappys (one always needs a Russian army and some Prussians to) plus terrain.  I do like building terrain....

I may not have been active as much as I would have liked in comments during the course of the challenge due to intrusion of real world issues but I do greatly enjoy this event and the cherish the people who participate (yes, even you Ray).  This whole exercise is a very great stress reliever and is much appreciated - Thank You.


  1. Blimey that is a lot of work. Your productivity during the Challenge is legendary but these pictures still blow me away.

  2. That is a huge effort Miles. Trying to look not totally unhappy about being photographed for this post, I mean. ;)

    As for your output, well, all I can say is "Bravo!" :)

  3. Ah bless!
    That's some mighty fine output there Miles.

  4. A statistically elegant post. Your output throughout the challenge has been amazing, your ships especially were magnificent. God save the King! (because he probably can't save himself).

  5. Gosh that's a lot of figures and masses of terrain! Your such a natural in front of camera!
    Best Iain

  6. Awesome. I need a bigger house to show mine

  7. Wow. That is very impressive when it's all arrayed on your terrain table, which is ALSO a part of the winter's work. Amazing stuff Miles, bravo.

  8. What a load of Lead!! I had to move pot of my house to store just hafl of that. Impressed to say the least

  9. That's a brilliant hoard (and horde!). Well done, Miles!

  10. Huzzah and Hurrah! The output and PB are indeed most impressive. But that you did much of it to run demonstration games for others to enjoy says more about your character. Well done Sir, well done indeed.

  11. What a smashing output for the Challenge, top job 👍

  12. Pretty amazing to achieve all this whilst delivering your other commitments, doing all the maths and winning awards (as well as breathing down my neck in the final seconds). I'm especially impressed by your terrain work (as is everyone else, I think) and may even try to emulate, in a small way.

  13. That's quite some stuff you've managed to complete throughout a mere three months. And of excellent quality as well!