Saturday, 23 March 2019

From BenitoM: IX Challenge Wrap-up... and a late arrival

I can hardly believe the winter is over and also The Challenge again. It must be the age but time seems to pass faster and faster every year. In any case, time now to clean the brushes (in my case a couple will have to be retired) and to store my painting tray for a few weeks at least.

This is the full harvest of this year’s Challenge, almost completely focused in my British Airborne platoon for Chain of Command.

This are zooms to the British infantry rank and file models…

… support weapons…

… command models…

… and the motor section this year.

Finally the small Napoleonic contingent in this year’s challenge.

I came short of my 750 points target, but with 637 accumulated it’s been my best score of the last 5 years.  I want now to spend more time playing, especially with my British Airborne unit, which hopefully will be displayed in a gaming table in a not too distant future.
This year’s Challenge has been brilliant, I have enjoyed a lot indeed. The quality of the Challengers entries has been outstanding and I can argue that’s been the best Challenge of the 9 so far. That’s going to be a real challenge for the Tenth, no doubt.
I should remark and highlight the effort taken by Curt and Sarah to have this madness running every year: thank you very much, guys; I hope to see you sometime soon in Europe again and hopefully stopping by Madrid to share some wine and tapas as a couple(?) years ago. Also many-many thanks to all minions but especially to Iain, that have made such a terrific job herding the Thursday contenders.
Before I close this post, my selfie photo which as in previous years is one takien in a battlefield visit. In this case in a Nationalists Army artillery OP of the Spanish Civil War in the Guadarrama mountains outside Madrid.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST a late arrival, that I finished painting just today and will conclude not only this post but also my British Airborne project.

Not terribly useful in a gaming table as it has no fighting value, but is such a beautiful model that I could not resist acquiring and painting. 

In the painting tray I also have the Curtgeld which I hope to have ready over the next two weekends. With Curt’s permission, I’ll post in the blog if he agrees.
So that’s all folks, I wish you a fruitful rest of the year and hope to see you all in nine moths from now. The countdown to 10th Challenge starts NOW.


  1. I've loved watching your British Airborne platoon grow over the Challenge. Great work Benito :)

  2. Your British airborne work has been outstanding this challenge! I love the jeep, it's up to your usual high standard and your Napoleonic Austrians are always splendid!
    Best Iain

  3. Your Airborne troops have been excellent and the Jeep is a great final flourish.

  4. Great work, Benito - sorry I couldn't deliver the lobsters you requested!

  5. Your British Airborne look fantastic, they have been one of the standout entries for me during this challenge.

  6. Loved your entries Benito, well done.

  7. I really liked your paras, Benito.

  8. Great work Benito, the British Airborne were one of the stand out projects overall.

  9. Fabulous work Benito. As many have said already, your para project was wonderful to watch unfold.

  10. British Airborne, always a favourite. But I want to see more of your Napoleonics. Maybe next year? Excellent work, Benito.

  11. Truly wonderfully painted miniatures Benito! I've enjoyed your Paras no end.


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