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From SanderS and ArthurS - Helo to Snowlord's Peak! (120 pts)


"What have I gotten myself into?"I think as I let the Lad drag me up the side of the mountain. Perspiration thick on my brow and breath coming in rasps with each step, "I am getting too old for this nonsense for sure..." When we're halfway up the slope I spy something strange from the corner of my eye: a huge pink shape, topped with a floppy yellow hat and wearing something that for all the world looks like far too small budgiesmugglers, comes stumbling down at a full gallop while mumbling something about "Me playing an actual game? ME a game? PLAYING a game? A GAME?!".

My clog snatches a loose boulder and it's all I can do in catching Arthur's arm to prevent me getting an impromptu paragliding lesson without the most essential equipment. What folly is this of the Lad? Climbing this hellish Peak for treasure? Huh, he'll be in for it when we get home for sure.

At the top of the Peak, the Lad breaks loose from my grip and saunters up to a large blue monstrosity... The beast scares the becheesus out of me, but of course Arthur walks up to it undaunted and starts babbling at it as if he's feeding the ducks at the park. "You don't look thát mean. Why are you blue? Where's the treasure? Come on fess up Cookie-monster!"

Before the Lad can say some even dumber things I walk up and try to quieten things down. What happens next passes like if in a dream (well a nightmare tell the truth) but I end up walking back down the mountain in a daze with the dim notion of doing something GI Joe related in order to get at the good stuff. Almost at the foot of the slope the large pink man in floppy hat is squatting on some sort of sandbag in the shade of a large boulder stroking, I kid you not, a large badger! Arthur is all plans and rattling about doing some more cars and really getting on my nerves. They are frayed enough as it is.


Somewhere in downtown Springfield the WHOP-WHOP-WHOP of a heavy chopper can be heard. The wind created by its blades blows newspapers down along as it sets down, the pilot gets out and walks up the road.

The chopper is clearly the Tomahawk, the GI Joe workhorse heavy lifter. Its pilot appears to be "Lift Ticket" in his recognisable red and green flightsuit. 

But appearances can deceive! It's not Lift Ticket! It's Zartan, the master of disguise! 

 Zartan is quickly followed by two of his Dreadnok companions Buzzer and Torch.



"Oi you lot, you can come out as well!" Zartan yells.

Out of the Chopper come two more Cobra specialists. The first, carrying a large red banner featuring the arms of Destro, is an Iron Grenadier officer. He's closely followed by a female officer of the Crimson Guard, Cobra commander's elite bodyguards.

 The Dreadnoks disappear only to re-emerge with a hot set of wheels, a true Roadster Battlecar in traditional Dreadnok colours of blue and burgundy as well as...

..their own trusty hogs.

Amidst a huge amount of thrown up dust and roaring of engines, pushed to the limits, they set off to do Cobra Commander's hideous work!

Well that was fun! Thanks Curt, I had some nice 80's Pulp stuff lying around needing an excuse to get painted. Specially the Tomahawk, who's a 3D print and has been on the workbench for nigh on 2 years now. The car is a toy car I let Arthur pimp up with some left over 40k parts. I bought him quite a lot of different coloured paints, but he keeps sticking to his trusted blue/ purple and red. The figures are a mixed lot. The foot figures of Zartan, Buzzer and Torch are resin figures done as part of a private initiative, I bought two sets since I knew I wanted to paint a bike-mounted version as well. The bikers are the Crooked Dice bikers with torso's from a second Dreadnok Set as well as Warlord Games Zombie game arms. The Iron Grenadier is from the stash of GI Joe specific figures I obtained long ago and the Crimson Guardswoman is really another Crooked Dice figure (Famke Janssen/ 007 anyone?) with an appropriate headswap.

If I did my maths correct that should amount to 40 pts for the 2 vehicles, 20 for the 2 mounted figures, 30 for the 6 foot figures and another 30 for Snowlords Peak.

Well dear Snowlord, does this qualify for passage over the Peak?  P.S. in a homage to the Great Blue one:

Sincere Regards Arthur and his way too Old Dad.


Sander and Arthur, this is just fabulous and exactly the thing we all wanted to see for your Peak challenge. I really enjoyed reading your descriptions of the various models and appreciate all the effort you went through to recreate these characters and vehicles from Cobra. The chopper is an impressive piece of kit, and Arthur, that modified Roadster Battlecar is the absolute bomb, well done both of you!

As to your reward I think it would be churlish to award you only one prize, especially as this was a family team effort. So I'm delighted to give you Iannick's wonderful 'Halfling Mage Apprentice' AND Rob's charmingly whimsical 'Leprechaun'. 

Bravo to you both and many thanks for showing us all this wonderful GI Joe goodness (or badness as the case may be).



  1. Great stuff Arthur and Sander, and very quickly turned around too :)

  2. Excellent GI Joe collection, nicely put together - and a great story, too!

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  4. Lovely entry, rapidly done, well done to both of you!
    Best Iain

  5. Excellent and fast work on these Sander and Arthur! A great collection of GI Joe nostalgia

    1. If you have to up with a colour scheme and story from scratch it surely must take a long while, but I had most of the figures prepped and the schemes are pretty canon and well documented so it all went smoothly for once ;-)

  6. Great work! Congratulations on meeting the Challenge of the Snow Lord!

    1. Thanks Greg, he could have gotten us a nastier task indeed :-)

  7. These are awesome great idea with the female CG!

  8. @Curt: thanks for the nice task, comments and prizes! The Halfling will be a great apprentice to Arthur's Bright Wizard and I am going to Dublin in April and could use a leprechaun for luck.


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