Monday, 2 February 2015

From BrendonW - Wars of the Roses goes on and on (70 Points)

14 more recruits for the army this week. More Plastic 28mm Perry Miniatures.

I cut down some pikes and glued on halberd and Bill options. I also swapped two thrusting bill hooks with Pikes. 

The pikes only come with a marching option which is actually probably very practical for when you are pushing them around a games table.  

Still plenty more miniatures to complete for this project. Happy painting everyone. Cheers

From Curt:

More Wars of the Roses goodness. Marvelous stuff Brendon. Your weapon swaps turned out very nicely. It seems you have a very good tempo going on with these figures. I know for myself that I'm very much looking forward to trying out some of these soon. 


  1. More lovely additions to your retinue Brendon :)

  2. You really keep pushing these out at a great pace! Lovely looking group. Time for an updated group shot soon? :)

  3. Every week I see these and should be thinking of doing some as well. But I will not even attempt any during this challenge as yours are so good.

  4. This project is really coming along, going to be amazing when finished


  5. Thanks for the comments everyone. Keep at it. Slack week for me so far. Nothing painted but started building a Hot entry. Cheers

  6. Great figures, great painting!