Monday, 2 February 2015

(Monday) DaveD - Wot no point bombe?

So for this week I will present you absolutely nothing! As predicted early in January this last week and the next few are going to be hectic, so with Mr Mills reaching 2500 last Thursday in whirl of paint and pain I decided I did not need to rush to complete the latest batch which would have taken me to 2500 point as well  - so I will keep the powder dry on them..

Millsy has been sent a copy of  "Sands of the Sudan" as a reward for getting to our target first - and being a decent chap has also sourced me some items for the Sudan collection - top man Millsy. Having had to endure MC Hammer and Nik Kershaw I think it only right for payback - I have just the tune for you. Step away from your paint desk - its "Unchained Melody"

So for now. I will leave you with

From Curt:

Good one Dave! Take your time but not too much  as we're keenly awaiting your next batch of joy.


  1. ROFMLAO! Thanks for that Dave, I was in need of a good laugh.

    I'm going to have little or nothing to submit this week either. I'm both a bit brush-weary and also putting the majority of my hobby-time into the next issue of WBQ. Like the man said, we'll be back!

  2. I am in the same boat, lost the whole weekend to family and a wargames show so this will be the first week I don't throw anything at the challenge


  3. Ha, so this might be my chance to sneak into assault range again! Soon, very soon... ;)