Monday, 2 February 2015

From BrianB - All Quiet British Infantry (28 Points)

These are 7 All Quiet on the Martian Front British Expeditionary Force Infantry. A bit of a mouthful. I actually completed the full 10 man unit but I had started painting 3 of them before the Challenge started so they have been left out.

Like all of the All Quiet figures they are big, hefty 18mm figs. The British in the game are a bit more advanced at Martian fighting having the benefit of recovering technology from the previous invasion. They are therefore equipped with body armor and some snazzy gas helmets as well as one trooper with a coil gun which I gather is basically a rail gun.

In order to differentiate them from my regular British I painted their helmets and body armor in a light grey. I also based them all individually for skirmish games since I only have the one squad. If I want to use them on the All Quiet bases I guess I'll have to figure out some kind of sabot base system for them.

Aside from the regular rifleman there is also a squad leader/officer and a Coil Gunner. The officer is in a rather awkward pose half way between just getting shot in the chest and heroically leading his troops forward. Or perhaps he's looking back over his shoulder to make sure someone is actually following him into the Martian heat gun blasts. The Coil gunner on the other hand is my favorite of the group and I would have loved to have a whole unit of him instead.


  1. These are very good indeed Brian. I thought they were 28s to begin with!

  2. Really nicely done. Really good colour choices. cheers

  3. I must say I do much prefer the British to those Yankee figures. Very nice to see them.

  4. Cool looking figures and well painted


  5. Lovely! Great attention to detail. At first I took them for 28mm figures.