Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Welcome to Wednesday!

Well, another Wednesday is here, and that means you have to once again put up with my horrible Camel Hump Day memes, but this time its not a meme, it's a commercial!

And just to change it up a bit, since Wednesday tends to be a rather problem filled day in the IT field, I will share a little favourite I like to send out that gets the point across on how Wednesdays normally go at work...

Today being Wednesday also means that you get to feast your eyes on a whole bunch of great looking figures from the talented group of Wednesday painters.

This week so far I have six different posts lined up and ready to go, with more still coming in.  So, sit back and enjoy the day, and the talent.


  1. Whoa!? Is Tamsin still sleeping!?

    Good luck, Byron!
    The most therapeutic discovery I have made involves "recycling" electronics at gun ranges. ;)

    1. I should be so lucky! Incredibly busy at work today so I've only just had a chance to check out today's posts :)

      I believe that what you describe is re-purposing rather than recycling ;)

    2. You couldn't believe how easy it is to sort plastic and metal once blasted into components. It's just step one in the recycling process! ;)

    3. So, like the scene in "Office Space" but with guns instead of baseball bats?

    4. Yup, of course that could be why the spreadsheet hates me so.....