Wednesday, 1 February 2017

From IsobelS: French Napoleonics (220 points)

Hello again! For this week's submission, I present 44 French Napoleonic Infantryman. These guys are all metal and unfortunately, I have no idea who or when they were sculpted or cast as they were given as a gift. These guys will most likely be used for Sharp Practice as a Retreat from Moscow, hence the snow.

These guys were fairly simple and quick to paint up due to the uniformity. What really slowed down the whole process was using the Army Painter Strong Quickshade, which needs 24 hours to dry. I also used Liquid Nails to glue them to metal washers, which also takes 24 hours to dry. I choose to do this because it sticks the model to the base really well and creates a good texture that hides the foot tabs really well.

This is a closer up of the basic lads.

The MVPs; Waving Man, Calling Out Dude, Kind of Pointing Guy

A closer up of the Light Infantry/Skirmishers. They have the shoulder tassels.

The MVPs of the Skirmishers; Beaky Shooterson, Halt!, and Mr. Point

I still need to paint up the Commanders and some drummers to finish off this force but I'll be giving them a little break for now and be getting ready for the upcoming special round. Hopefully, these guys will see the field of battle soon.

Paul & Alan: a lovely Nappy points bomb Isobel!  You've done a great job on these and I'm looking forward to seeing them on the table.  A hard earned 220 points for you!


  1. Great additions to any force. Nicely painted and based.

  2. Very nicely done, the MVPs are clearly the Stars of the show.

  3. Great looking french infantry.
    Best Iain

  4. Wow! Impressive submission. L'Empereur est tres content

  5. Nice work, Isobel! I really like the winter basing!

  6. Great work Isobel. If not for the muskets, you could also title this submission "downtown in Winnipeg", as it is somewhere near -25 degrees this morning, and I feel double the chill looking at these fine troops.

    Some of the poses make me think they might be Sash & Sabre?

  7. Wow quite a lot of cold-feeted Frenchies, well done!

  8. Well done Isobel - looking forward to more.

  9. Great looking French, looking forward to the command being added


  10. That's a helluva submission there, Isobel - Vive l'Empereur!

  11. Great work, Isobel. That first image could be from my office window right now (-22 in Regina). If you want to avoid the 24hr down-time, Army Painter makes their Quickshade as an water-based wash that dries in minutes. No smell, fast and easy to brush on in thin layers.

    I like 'Mr. Point'.