Monday, 22 January 2018

From AlanD: Germans for Battle Group Barbarossa (128 points)

This week my entry reflects my Fifty Shades of Grey fantasy...

Yes, it's another eclectic bunch of Panzer grey vehicles and guns in 15mm for my ongoing Battle Group: Barbarossa campaign with Paul OG. 

The vehicles are from various sources, with 8-Rad armoured cars from PSC, a Sdkfz 222 from Zvezda, a 223 from Battlefront, two Hanomags from PSC, Pak 38s from PSC and the 88 and transport from Forged in Battle. Making the 8-Rads was a particular treat. The PSC box is a beauty, providing 5 armoured cars with lots of options. The Pak 38s come from the PSC kit with the RSO tractor, another gem.

As for points, I count 8 vehicles, 3 guns and a limber which I claim as an extra gun, 15 whole figures (with two seated in a Hanomag) and 5 vehicle drivers and two armoured car commanders. That seems to be 48 points for vehicles, 16 for guns, 30 for figures and say another 2 for all the part figures. 126 points?


These look terrific, Alan!  I've been looking forward to more of your fine work after the German Recce Units which drove into the Challenge in Monday#3, and these wonderful additions to your Barbarossa forces certainly do not disappoint.

They're really excellent and look terrific on your tabletop.  You've really found the right 'look' for the German grey armour, and the weathering you've added looks just right for the endless dusty roads around Kharkov and Smolensk!

I particularly like the ground work on the Pak 38s, really setting the artillery on the table with a flourish.

Really great work, and I'm very, very keen to see more!  A very well deserved 128 points to your total, Sir (adding a couple extra for the flag recognition and lovely basing on the Pak 38s).


  1. Good work Alan! Terrific (and terrifying at least the 88mm) battle group

  2. Lovely stuff which looks even nicer IRL. I look forward to brewing them up and being brewed up by them in return!

    1. Don’t shoot Lt Gruber and his little tank!

  3. Lovely muted work with great details.

  4. Well done Alan - what an assortment of kits! Some great choices out there for those of us who enjoy 15mm these days!

  5. Oh that’s a mighty fine array .

  6. Lovely stuff Alan! Its great seeing that column of German recce. I also like the muted grey you've achieved with the armour plating. Very nice.

  7. Great looking early war german armour, I always liked the 8 rads and these are a treat!
    Best Iain

  8. Nice one, Dux, that's a lovely bit of work - and you've really pulled out all the stops for the photography, that is some cracking terrain!