Monday, 22 January 2018

From ValeryN - A lot ... No, very, very many guns! (430 Pts)

Hello everybody!

My name is Valery. I live in Russia and I'm crazy about guns. You could say "I'm a cannon freak".

Most of all I like painting cannons!

So, let's start with the smallest. This German anti-tank gun PAK-36. In the war they wore the nickname "Heeresanklopfgerät" (literally «army door-knocking device»).

Over time, in the German army they were replaced with guns PAK-40. For the long barrel and for the fact that their shells painfully stung, they received from the Russian tankmen the nickname "snake".

On the Russian side of the front there was a response to the "snakes" - this is the famous ZIS-3, which was called the "ratsh-boom". German tankmen said: "You do not have time to hear the sound of a 'ratsh' shot, how the "boom" in your armor will immediately happen".

If the 76-mm ZIS-3 could not penetrate the frontal armor of the Tigers and the Panther at long distances, then this task was not bad solved by the anti-aircraft 85-mm cannon

Now let's turn to more significant calibers. This is a 107-millimeter cannon of the 1910/30 model. At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, it was in large quantities in the corps artillery.

By the end of the war, a powerful 160-mm mortar had appeared in the arsenal of the Red Army. This weapon proved to be so simple and effective that it still is in the arsenal of some countries (for example, North Korea - it is possible that they like to play Kim Jong-un before breakfast).

Well, we finish our artillery parade with another era and another scale (28mm). This is a Russian howitzer from the period of the war with Napoleon of 1812-1814:

Total, if I was not mistaken, in a scale of 15mm 30 guns * 4 + 140 crewman* 2 = 120 + 280 + 400 points And at the scale of 28mm gun + 4 crewman * 5 = 10 + 20 = 30 points. Total 430 points.


Oh my gosh.....I mean...WOW.

Now, deep in the recesses of my wargaming mind, I do remember something about Russians liking a lot of artillery.  Hmmm.... something about a Grand-Battery at Borodino, perhaps... And something about the artillery onslaught at Kursk, I think.... 

Valery, my dear friend, all I can say is that the reputation of the Russian wargaming community for being well stocked as regards artillery bombardments is in very, very safe hands.

What a ground-churning, cordite-fuelled, ear-drum-splitting, cannon-cascading entry!  I love it.  It's like "artillery", and THEN SOME....!

Well done indeed for amassing, painting and basing such a very fine entry.  Just terrific quality and quantity here, which is mind boggling.  I mean, you all of us at the PAK-36s - that's a fine entry in their own right.  But the rest .... well, fantastic work.

I do, I confess, particularly like the Napoleonic howitzer.  Lovely work on the brass barrel, and that green shade of the uniforms is just about perfect in my book.

A tremendous entry, and 430 well-earned and impressive points to add to your already very considerable total.  Congratulations!


  1. What's better than a big gun? Lots of big guns of course!

    Nicely done Valery :)

  2. Valery, you had a very productive week indeed (did your sleep? did you work?) Most impressed with the output in terms of numbers and specially in terms of quality

    1. Frankly, the painting of all this was started in the first week of this year. In Russia there were a ten-day vacation and I started painting these guns on January 3-4. I have such a character trait - I start several projects in parallel and without finishing one, I switch to another one. For example, now I parallelly paint an infantry battalion of the French and French line artillery on the Napoleonic, Russian sappers, anti-tank riffle platoon and German "Kubelwagens" for FoW. And not all of the above I will have time to paint the next Monday.

  3. Great job...I'm going to go hide in a fox hole form all that artilery now!

  4. Wow, cannons to the left of them, cannons to the right of them...Stirring stuff Valery!

  5. Go Valery! Excellent stuff, the ground trembles...

  6. Oh my ... someone is going to need a lot more tanks! Great stuff

  7. That’s quite a collection of tubes!

  8. Wow, what an artillery park, so many and so good!
    Best Iain

  9. Jeez, that's a LOT of guns Valery. Well done!

  10. Times like this I remember what Stalin said; "Artillery is the God of War"!

    Lovely work, Valery!

  11. Quantity AND quality! Great work Valery.

  12. Hats a whole damn lot of artillery - impressive!