Monday, 22 January 2018

Good Minion-ing Monday Morning!!!

Good Minion-ing Monday Morning Challengers!!!

I hope you all had a fantastic and terrific weekend, and that among the all the fun, you still found time to wield a paintbrush and add some paint to a model or two. 

And for all the Challengers submitting models in the Themed Round of “BFG”, BRAVO, HURRAH and WELL DONE everyone. A cracking selection of entries which I am still greedily devouring on the internet.

But we’re not content with Themed Rounds here, as we enter week 5 of Challenge VIII. OH NO….

The Monday crowd have been hard at work making sure the momentum is not going to slip. So, this morning, being MONDAY#5 we have a most fine selection of Challenge additions for all of you to feast your laptops, browsers, iPhones and other communication devices upon. 

We’ve spectacular terrain in stone. We’ve inspiring artillery in brass. We’ve anti-tank guns in mottled camouflage. We’ve Germans in field grey. And we’ve Moroccans in the dusty garb of the Sahara sands. 

In short, my fellow Challengers, we’ve our wonderful hobby, in miniature, marvellously painted. 

So, although the working week for many of us has started, relax, put the kettle on, and enjoy the entries from the Monday Challengers over the next few hours.....


  1. Good Minioninginging Mondig Sidney! Damn do I feel silly now..

  2. Good morning from sunny (and warm) Spain

    1. I'm deeply envious of the warm sunshine, Benito! Hope you have a great week!

    2. Limited happiness: weekend forecasts are rain and snow

  3. Oh I got a lot of painting time in at the weekend! It was fun ... right off to view the gallery

  4. Curses and naughty words! Got back from our weekend away too late to finish my regular entry! Oh well, there's always next Monday...

  5. Sorry Sid, I didn’t make this week - blame dem theme rounds!