Monday, 22 January 2018

From BenitoM: Le belle fille de Napoleon (30 points)

Moving towards the "other side of the hill" in this week's submission, so no Austrians but still within my Napoleonic project: a French artillery gun and crew.

A relief for my eyes to have to paint in blue instead of white!. This is a model that I completely forgot I bought and was at the bottom of a box with some French infantry; to be honest I found not one but two artillery blisters (one foot and one horse), although I had only time to paint one this week.

This is a Foot Battery (the other blister is a Horse Battery) and is a Perry metal model. Great detail both the crew and the gun, a joy to paint. Still undecided how to display on the table; I'm working with some Renedra plastic gabions models and I'll probably make some generic bases to display on top the artillery units and crews of different nationalities.

So it's one artillery piece (10 p) + 4 crew (4 x 5p = 20) in 28mm to a toal of 30 points.


She's a beauty, Benito!  I can almost feel your relief here, in London, all the way from your wonderful home city of Madrid, as you take a break from Austrian white!  It must be like getting your colour vision back again!

And this is a perfect antidote to those weeks of working on Austrians.  Lovely castings, sumptuous painting and a really pleasant colour scheme for these French Foot Battery gunners, which you've expertly rendered.

Very fine brass work on the barrel of the gun as well, and a great piece of painting overall.

Well done indeed, Sir, and a thoroughly deserved 30 points to your already impressive total.


  1. I'm just now painting the French line artillery. Your work will be my guide :)

  2. That's a fine looking gun and crew. Nice fine details on the crew and you've nailed the olive green on the gun carriage.

  3. Lovely artillery piece and crew, I'm sure it makes a nice change from white!
    Best Iain

  4. The Perry do a great job on their artillery figures and very nicely painted.

  5. Wonderful work on this artillery team. I really like the brass on the barrel.

  6. Lovely artillery team, Benito - is it just me or has this been a particularly big year for the big guns? I dare say Miles can run the numbers and get back to us on that one.