Wednesday, 24 January 2018

From DaveD - P2 - VBCW - The Telegram Boys - 70 points

Another left field entry for for this challenge for you . Last year MartinC put on a large Very British Civil War game - "The Battle for Scruton" - which featured the village hall  and pub where we meet up with a bunch of guys. It made me want to complete my own unit for it. While shopping around for some stuff for Millsy's Boxer project I found Ironclad Miniatures who do an interesting range of items - one of them being the Telegram boys - perfect for me as I work for  the company that is the direct descendant of telecoms part of the General Post Office. So these sort of fell in my cart..

So 14 x 28mm figures..

Nice and simple uncomplicated sculpts - a range of weapons including Lee Enfield's, a Thompson , a Lewis Gun - and communications section with pigeon!

From Ray

Post No 2 from Comrade Dave this fine day. I do like these Dave, especially the Pigeon & pet handler. They do look very smart and clean figures and will make a great addition to anyone's collection. I'm sure these young chaps will perform well on the field of battle.

The Pigeon and pals will earn you 70 points!


  1. The guy with the box of unsent tweets (LOL) is probably my favorite. . Nice work.

    1. Yeah , that’s a good way of putting it

  2. Interesting set of figures and lovely painting.

  3. Those are great Dave and I love the personal connection to this project. Love the pigeon handler and basket - that's something that you don't see often,

  4. "Sort of fell in the cart" - that's how my basement filled up!

    Great work Dave.

  5. great, I'll find them some opponents

  6. Haha, I love the background connection you have with these guys, Dave. Well done.

  7. ‘Return to sender’ on the molotov...

  8. Nice figures, fun background!
    Best Iain

  9. Nice work on the telecom workers, Dave! They are wonderful sculpts and even better with your brush.
    I'm of course wondering when some Sudan stuff is going to pop in! ;)