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From PeterD - 28mm French SYW Infantry 40pts

Again there are supposedly 4 different figures here, but I have trouble seeing the differences

So, with a very busy winter semester I am continuing with my one foot at a time approach to the Challenge.  I've low balled my target and am using my painting time as relaxing down time rather than rushing to meet a goal.

I've left a flat strip along the back of each base to add unit labels at a later time

My ongoing project is two battalions of French infantry in 28mm using Crusader figures.  The first set of 8 from Touraine Regiment was posted last week, and his lot of 8 is from the Swiss Diesbach Regiment.  There is a reason for my choice of units, which I'll reveal further into the Challenge.   The figures are the same as the first lot, but in Swiss red with blue facing and laced waistcoat - a very natty combination if you ask me. 

Again I really like the back view

The Swiss regiments in French service date back to the Italian wars of the early 16th century (at least) and lasted into the Napoleonic age (at least).  They gave excellent service being steady under fire.
To add variety I staggered figures on the bases a bit

The original plan here was for my second set of French infantry to be from Touraine again including command figures.  However, I found the Crusader command dull so ordered in some additional officers and NCOs from Front Rank.  In the interim I kept the ball moving with 8 fusiliers from Diesbach.  My Front Rank package arrived last Monday after a lightening fast week long hop from Blighty.  Hopefully, we'll see some of the Front Rankers next week.
NCO on the left with gold braid on his cuffs

These next figures won't count for points as they were all but the basing finished before the challenge started.  Last year my SYW work included the British 15th Light Dragoons on horseback.  These are 12 dragoons on foot so that the regiment can dismount and skirmish.  The figures are Perry's from their excellent AWI range - two packs of the British infantry in Saratoga uniforms with short coats and helmets.  I did some conversion to make them look more cavalry like.  For instance I lopped off the bayonets and ends of the muskets to give the appearance of carbines.  The cross belts and cartridge boxes are wrong, but I figured that doesn't really stand out and anyway I can argue that they "acquired" appropriate equipment for dismounted work.
Not my best photo but it works.  Love the Perry's variety of poses

Most importantly the figures came in a mix 1/2 in stiff gaiters and 1/2 in trouser gaiters, where they should be in boots.  X-acto knife work stripped off the buttons and trimmed the tops of the stiff gaiters back to resemble worn riding boots.  For the other 6, I trimmed off the buttons and added boot tops from green stuff.  It was my first time using green stuff and I'm quite chuffed with the results.  I wanted to have these for this challenge, but they got impatient and painted them early.

I didn't do a dismounted officer - I figured the mounted ones could do double duty, plus I didn't want to get a pack of 6 command figs to get one officer.

So excluding the light dragoons, that's 8 28mm foot figures at 5 points a pop for another 40 points.  That edges me to within 5 points of my goal for the challenge.

I haven't posted a song link this year so I will post one that's been popping up on my iPod a lot recently.  I know there's an official Challenges tunes image, but I refuse to post anything to do with Kiss - I thought that they were the dumbest thing imaginable in 1975 and the intervening years have not improved my opinion.  I have instead substituted a more appropriate photo from my listening in the late 1970s.

Song "The Foggy Dew"
Artist: Sinead O'Connor and the Chieftains
Album: The Long Black Veil

I'm 100% pure Sassenach but I married an Irish gal and Celtic music is a love of mine.  This is most definitely NOT the Foggy Dew I sang at bonfires with my family as a kid.

From Ray

Great work Peter, this is a very diverse uniform in the French army, there were several units which used this form, so with a different flag you could have a different look.
I do like your basing style as well Peter, keep up the great work!

40 points!


  1. Nice Frenchies there Peter :)

  2. The Swiss look Great! The Dragoons are good too!

  3. Thanks for the comments Ray. I'll need to mix things up on the French side so plan to include some foreign regiments. I'll have to be careful on my basing - I used slightly different colours on the two regiments I've got on the go so will need to make sure I keep em straight.

  4. Hmm,'Pure' and 'Sassenach' seem to form a conflict of terms, but okaay. Great work Pete! I really like your Light Dragoon riding boot mod.

    1. Well pure compared to the hinterland areas outside of Angle-land - which got the detritus and floor sweepings dumped on them every time a new set of invaders pushed the old inhabitants to the wilder fringes.

      Thansk I'm quite happy with the boot mods.

  5. SYW always a winner - lovely work!

    1. Thanks Ev. I'm enjoying my return to the Lace Wars.

  6. Peter, those are lovely Redcoats!

  7. Well done Peter - I totally agree, the combo of colours for the Swiss troops in French service is very much "natty" - looks lovely! Great job.

    1. Thanks very much Greg - more to come hopefully.

  8. Lovely lace wars Swiss /french the red uniforms really pop!
    Best Iain

  9. Wonderful work on the Swiss, Peter! They do look sharp in the red jackets. I like the inclusion of the dismounted dragoon troopers too. Nice little conversions on them! ;)

    1. Thanks very much Dave. I should have more red coats next week.


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