Tuesday, 9 January 2018

From NoelW: ECW and Boxers (168 points)

Two different sets of figures this time.

Firstly, the beginnings of my ECW armies. For this period, I need to get lots of figures done in a comparatively short time, so the quality has to be middling - not my best, but good enough to get on the table. However, for general figures, personalities etc, I'm going to up the quality where I can. Sometimes I can't resist adding that one extra detail or highlight. Looking at these, the hoi poloi are a bit disappointing, and I may be forced back into a bit of touching up when I'm closer to finishing the whole ECW setup, but I think they're decent enough for the time being.

This first of my ECW are a unit of twelve infantry, six cavalry, and one general. There should be six more musketeers on their way, but they seem to have lost themselves somewhere in the muddy lanes of Yorkshire. (My target is for Marston Moor, sometime in the summer of this year).

I picked the general up in a miscellany of medievals, strangely. No idea of manufacturer, but I really like his flamboyant outfit, so painted him in line with some of the more extravagant costumes in the film "Cromwell". I can't imagine anyone actually going to war dressed like this.

I thought I might use him for Rupert, but he's not right for the role, really. (I imagine Rupert as mounted on a silver charger, waving a wild sword and shouting incoherent exhortations). However, he does seem the sort to follow Rupert's example of taking pets onto the field of slaughter, so he has an enthusiastic follower. Not sure of a name yet. Any suggestions?

My second set of figures are Austro-Hungarian sailors from the Boxer Rebellion. In Sheffield, we're lucky enough to have a wargames shop: Wargames Emporium, and they have their own range of games and figures: EMP games. They've some unusual and some weird and wonderful figures, including a Boxer Rebellion range. This is not a period I know much about, but they've asked me to paint a few samples for display. Chunky in style, they're easy to paint. It's not my job to advertise them, but they're worth checking out if you're interested in unusual figures.

So that's a total of 21 foot @ 5 points =105, six cavalry @10 points = 60 and a dog at, maybe 2 points? Total: 167.

What a great bunch of figures Noel! I really cannot choose between the ECW troops and the Russian Sailors. Oh if you point a gun at my head and force me to choose I'd probably go for the ECW figures because they include a dog and I do like dogs! Tell you what since I get to decide, I'll give you 3 points for the dog instead of 2, that sound okay? Apart from the excellent painting, you've done the bases up a treat as well!


  1. Nice bunch of figures Noel :)

  2. Very nice work Noel. A shop that carries actual historical figures and not just FOW? I am jealous!

  3. Lovely work Noel. Any entry that has a dog in it gets two thumbs-up from me. What rules are you using for your upcoming ECW campaign?

  4. A really nice collection of figs Noel! I'm a huge ECW fan so I'll be following your work on these with interest. How about "Laddie" for a name for the pooch, somewhat of a homage to Rupert's companion?

    Having just painted a batch of EMP Boxer Rebellion figs myself I can attest to them being characterful sculpts. I did find the chinstraps unnaturally large but otherwise I really liked them.

  5. Nice ECW types and I like your chunky Hungarians!
    Best Iain

  6. Fantastic work Noel!! I think that's a brilliant start to an ECW collection. Good luck with Marston Moor, and good luck finding the missing musketeers!

  7. Excellent brushwork, Noel! You've painted them all up great! I quite like the Russian sailors, but then I'm probably the odd one in Michigan that actually knows more than general US history! ;)