Tuesday, 9 January 2018

From SebastianR: Rats! (10 points)

Hello everybody! With the holiday period now a sweet memory I have finally got round to some painting!

I must confess that I have been a long time admirer of the Challenge, but this is the first year I have joined, having missed the boat last year. It may have been something of a mistake as the things that delayed my first submission are going to continue to get in the way of painting. Nevertheless, I refuse to let this defeat me, nor will I let my first stab at this challenge sink into the no-submission abyss.

So with that out of the way, here's my first submission, some rats!

Look I'm working up to the big stuff alright?

So these little fellas are going to be providing XP to level one adventurers in both post apocalyptic wastelands and tavern cellars. I've never really seen what threat rats pose to a humans* (other than via the medium of disease obvs) in fact, I think they're rather cute, but I get that they're a staple, and these guys can double up as dire rats or those brain rats from Planescape: Torment that gain access to more powerful spells the more of them there are.

Look at his widdle paws!
The figures aren't great, they have a prominent mould line bisecting some of them that gives some of them a weird "sideways Trump hair flick"** if viewed from one side.

Another simple paintjob to go after BATMAN! I decided to go with an urban basing to make them fit in both dungeons and the blasted ruins of radioactive cities.

He just wants to hug... your face off!
For scoring purposes, they are 28mm rats, but are about the size a dog in 15mm. I leave it up to our much put upon Tuesday minion to score them. I'm hoping that dog sized miniatures in a given scale still get full points for that scale as my next submission will probably be... well... actual dogs.

With 15mm French soldiers for scale

*But of course D&D is a system where - rules as written - the average housecat will, on average, win a fight with the average peasant...
**Insert your own political joke here 

Since I am really bad at political jokes I'll just stick to the rats okay? ;-) Well they did bring up some associations for me indeed! Are you familiar with Terry Pratchett Sebastian? In one of his books: "The Amazing Maurice and his educated Rodents" rats play the main part. These rats, rather than the more generic swarms you can get from many regular figure ranges, have a lot of character and thus reminded me of that book. I think this is due to the fact there are more than one pose among them.
As to the points, I'm going to score them as 15mm infantry and thus they will net you another 10 points to the board.  


  1. Nice rats Sebastian. Hopefully you were listening to "Rattus Norvegicus" by the Stranglers while painting these :)

  2. Very nice rare Siberian Hamsters (Fawlty Towers reference). Which one is Basil? Not sure of the danger of rats -ever heard of the Bubonic plague Sebastien?

    1. "(other than via the medium of disease obvs)"

  3. What lovely disease-ridden vermin you have there Sebastian! :-)

  4. I do like a swarm of vermin, good work!

  5. Good for leaving sinking ships and burning buildings. Well done Sebastian!

  6. Useful vermin, looking forward to dogs!
    Best Iain

  7. Fantastic vermin, Sir. I really like those. Bound to add a degree of plague to any over-clean battlefield! Awesome.

  8. Cellers, dungeons, apocalyptic battlefields and ablative armor for skaven battalions!
    Nice work Alex! Though worse than a rat encounter is a multiclass being fatally mugged by stirdges! ;)