Tuesday, 9 January 2018

From EricM: First Step into WW II (150 points)

This week I am moving into uncharted territory for me.   I know World War II is one of the most popular periods to war game but I have really never been pulled in. Well now that's going to change.
I decided to kick things off with some Germans. They fight just about everyone and they all wear gray... right?   Well no, in the last week or so I have discovered there is a bewildering array of  troops and uniforms.

This week I was able to complete 30-28mm mid-late war Germans.   I believe the figures are Artisan, but I am not positive.

Here is the group photo.   Below I have broken out the squads.

This squad has a mix of camo smocks .  Based on my research they would most likely be SS or possibly Panzer Grenadier.  Please correct me if I am wrong.

I really enjoyed painting these figures.  There were a few small issues in the sculpts where the body proportions seem off a bit.   For next week I will be painting more Germans and possibly moving on to my US troops. 

If anyone has a suggestion for a website with good uniform information please let me know. 

30-28mm figures should be 150 points

What a grand first entry into WW2 Eric! Those Germans look the part for sure! Have you got a certain rule-set for these in mind? Possibly Americans up next? Have you got any specific battle or campaign planned? D-Day, Normandy or Battle of the Bulge? As far as painting references go both Battlefront and Warlord have loads of articles on their site. I know the WW2 Buffs (which I am decidedly not!) will have better sites for you but as a starter these are not that far off!


  1. Great looking force, welcome to WW2 gaming!

  2. An excellent start into WW2 indeed! Nice work on both the camo and rhe Feldgrau.
    You might want to reconsider your take on the Kar98k rifle though. Unlike with older muskets and rifles you couldn’t see the whole of the barrel from breech to muzzle as there was some wood covering in between. Sorry, but I lack the proper english term here.
    Being a WW2, and Germans especially, nut I‘d love to give you a pointer to a good website but honestly I‘m more a book-guy. Looking for ‚wehrmacht uniforms‘ on Google and Pinterest should provide you with a point to start though.
    After that I can only recommend investing some bugs into the Osprey series covering the different periods and theaters of war and the uniforms used.
    Later on there’s plenty of eyecandy out there in the disguise of some excellent coffe-table books on German uniforms and equipment. My shelve is already creaking with that stuff ;-)

    1. Great advice. Thanks so much I will get the Kar 98 corrected.

  3. Fro some reason I left a comment early this morning but never came through
    In relation to cammo, the "pea-dot" pattern types (many variations) were used by SS units. Infantry and Fallschirmjager units wore the splinter and marsh patterns.
    This website is quite informative

    I also suggest downloading the painting guides in the Artizan website

    1. That makes sense. I had seen the pea dot cammo but for some reason I thought that was only in 1945. Thank you for the website references.

  4. Smashing first foray into the WW2 arena. I think you've done a geand job with the uniforms and really nicely highlighted.

  5. Great start Eric, and you will love the period! As you go bonkers trying to sort out German camo, remember that at the end of the day there seems to be so many different types that almost anything you try might have been used...

  6. Late War Germans? You maniac! Nicely done.

  7. This is a wonderful kick-off, Eric. Well done!

  8. Nice job, I'm starting on soviets they're just khaki! Nice camo, lovely finish!
    Best Iain

  9. Terrific work, Eric, and a great start into your WW2 rabbit-hole!!

  10. Wonderful job on your first WW2 squad, Eric!
    I like the mixture of gear and uniforms in the lot. Good Frontline units fail uniform inspections! ;)