Tuesday, 9 January 2018

From RusselG: Starter (30 points).

I have signed up again and taken a different approach this year.

Previously, I have aimed to complete certain projects en-masse, so this time I am picking up whatever I find that has been lying around for years or longer in the hope of eventually getting paint on everything on lead mountain.

So, to start of here are a few random 28mm figures

From left to right, 3 plastic Vikings from gripping beast, nice figures that will fill out the raiding party. A random metal figure, initially bought for my musings with the Ice and Fire GoT as a Jamie Lannister stand in, he looks more like Paul Hollywood of "bake off" fame with paint on him. A Gripping Beast? man at arms, a gift from Ross, a fellow blogger, and lastly another random that came in a box of other stuff, he looks slightly Arabic which is useless to me at the moment so has been painted as a dark ages trader.

A nice little start for 30 points.

Thank you for stopping by.

Welcome to the Tuesday crew and indeed the Challenge Russel! A lovely bunch of figures you've shown us today. I can relate to your idea of painting up those figures that have been "in cue" for quite some time, in order to clear them away from the unpainted pile. That way eventually you will be able to get cracking on the bigger projects without all the loose ends nagging at your conscience right? The Jamie Lannister stand-in and the Dark Ages trader are my favourites in this lot they really look the part. Are you going to continue with Game of Thrones? Would be great to see more of these lovely chaps and chapesses turn up on the Challenge pages! 


  1. "I am picking up whatever I find that has been lying around for years or longer" - yes! That is great fun, something this Challenge really inspires. Well done Russel!

  2. They're all good but the Jamie Lannister stand in is very cool indeed!

  3. Replies
    1. Unfortunately i cannot remember, i think i picked him up at show flea market for a pound, no markings on the base either.
      I wish i knew as i would love to see more from the same range.

  4. All good but Paul Hollywood is the best!
    Best Iain

  5. Great work, Russel. I imagine 'Bake Off' might get more of my attention if Paul Hollywood was equipped with a double-handed sword and full licence to decapitate contestants with unsuitably heavy pastry. Lovely idea behind finishing stuff off!!

  6. Great first entry Russ and an excellent approach to the challenge. Looking forward to seeing more.

    Cheers, Ross

  7. Nice bunch, Russ! I too like the Jamie Lanister stand in and the Arab merchant. Tie up enough loose and more gaming opportunities arise. This bunch looks ready to rumble in the bazaar!

  8. Always good to see some Dark Ages figures. Nice painting. cheers