Saturday, 20 October 2018

Happy ORC-tober

Training and overtime are slowly winding down, but I haven't noticed as my kids are still keeping me busy with after school sports and scholar pursuits. Two are even scouting colleges!  :-0  !!!!
I am slowly assembling and gathering stuff from the pit-o-doom( the Mountain-of-neglect is now in the basement and entirely dishevelled in boxes from the move a few years back.)
While sourcing new brushes and paints and trying to get spray paint for primering, I saw this cheery fellow( I was actually looking for the soon to be released Speed Freaks game, but it is still unavailable*)
my main focus of the summer

feeling orcish but more infantry shenanigans yet to come

this was a lonely Orc with great weapon from Reaper

He was primered yesterday**painted today

just a fast bit of brushwork to make sure I still got it and a small celebration of Orctober!

Roger approves this message.***

Get them brushes ready....Winter Comes!

*if i DID buy the new Speedfreak game, my wife assured me I would've gotten an earful!

**it was a balmy 70ish with now humidity, hopefully I get one more day to primer what I've built today and tomorrow!

*** Roger also approves mud, rain, wrestling, dog biscuits, and more mud....I've also been told by Household-6 that HE will be washed tonite, or WE(Roger and I, not Hh-6 and I) will be sleeping in the garage


  1. All Hail Roger! That boy knows how to get cammo'd up - the mud is the first layer to his doggie Gillie suit. :)

    Wonderful Ork, Dave (his pose and weapon syncs nicely with the leading Blackhawk pic).

    I look forward to seeing you in the ranks for Challenge IX!

    1. Thanks, Curt!
      Roger excels in infantry fieldcraft including digging extensive linked foxholes!;)
      I think Reaper intended the great weapon to be a single blade, but they included two blades.
      A little work with a pin vise and I now have a Darth Ork...maybe Ork Maul. I may have to dig through the fantasy catacombs and see if I can find some company for him!
      - I included the summer photo just because I think he can fly with that blade! ;)

  2. Thanks for the zaniness Dave! Looking forward to more of the same this winter. Hopefully you got Roger washed and slept in the bed tonight!

    1. zany is absolutely in as I've scads of orks to paint!
      plus other scifi, historicals, some fantasy and even some pulp!
      Roger did get clean, but as that bath was a moment ago, the digger needs a 'nother one! ;)

  3. Nice Ork,I hope the garage is compfy!
    Best Iain

    1. I keep all my military gear there including sleeping gear(old man sleeping mat included) accustics are a problem as Roger snores....and drools! ;)

  4. Save some for the Challenge, David...
    ; )
    Lovely bit of work on that green thug!

    1. Thank you, Evan! I still have plenty of hreemskins and other companions for the winter. Now I have to clean and dust the man cave. Part of the honey-do's in regards to also shifting summer and winter gear in basement and garage. She is squeezing all painting time away till the solstice. ;)