Friday, 11 January 2019

From AdamC: Crusader Infantry and the Crocodile man (67 Points)

 Another 12 infantry men for Saga and Lion Rampant.  These are more from the Sargent's Box from Fire Forge miniatures.  Its a great box of miniatures, easy to assemble int a variety of dynamic poses.
For Lion Rampant I would designate these as unit of Foot Sargents with the "Expert" upgrade.(I actually think the Dragon Rampant term "Offencive" hits nearer the mark) They are infantry that is intended to close with the enemy rather than fellows who form a fortress of spear points to defend other troops.  This gets me another 6 points for the Rampant Duel.
 The box has a variety of shields and three weapon choices, sword, axe, and mace/morning-star.
 I wish they gave you some belt pouches, molded some daggers in the belts... seriously everyone in this period would have carried a knife of some kind in their belt.
 I gave one fellow a hammer left over from one of my Frostgrave collections (probably the barbarians)
I wish there had be more weapon options, the box has one, type of sword, two types of axe and one type of mace. there should be more variation.  At least they provide lot of helmet and shield options.
 even so I decided to add some round shield to the mix because the more variation the better for armies an period before standardisation of equipment became common.
Sticking with my Kingdom of Heaven inspired livery for "uniforms"
 Another great miniature form Reaper the "Werecrocodile"  he's a great looking miniature and should make a nice addition to some Dragon Rampant army.
 I loved playing with the greens and blacks to try and create the look that he had emerged form the river and was wet with sunlight playing off his scales.
 I believe that the underside of real Crocodiles are whitish but I went with yellow green.  The belly button is a nice touch... and a feature a real crocodile would not have.
I wanted to suggest this follow was standing on bit of earth sticking out of a river or other body of water.

Points the the 12 infantry are 60 Points
In past years Bones Were Creatures have been scored at 7 points because of their size so I will assume this is the case again but leave it up to the judge for a final decision.


Ah, yes, the red and yellow of Spain, which we honor with our most powerful weapon, nice red uniforms. Which nobody expects. In fact, those who do expect . . . Now, how do you plead?

The yellow-green is a very nice touch on the werecroc, and the mix of yellow-green and blue-green used for his scales is a quite good. I like how you feathered it in. Very nice touch there.

Sixty-seven points. Ha! Right! Cardinal, give the rack a turn. 


  1. Nice work Adam, the shields look good. The were croc looks like he should be chasing Captain Hook.

  2. Lovely sergeants and crocodile!
    Best Iain

  3. I need an excuse to get that croc!

  4. Nice work, Adam! I like the crusaders quite a bit and the crochet is aces.
    Just reminds me of how much I want some forefinger minis and how great all the creatures are in Reapers range!

    1. *fire forge* least it wasn't a copious amount of "duck"...ducking auto correct!

    2. (cough) *crochet*? (cough)

      That auto-correct had me in stitches ;)

      My coat is already on...

    3. The crochet croc is a very dangerous North American animal, it's finishing move is the dreaded pearl-2! ;)

  5. Well done Adam! They certainly look the business.

  6. Great stuff Adam. It's nice to see someone else painting the same minis. I totally agree about the lack of belted weapons. I added a bunch of my own.