Friday, 11 January 2019

From GregB: Erkenbrand, Lord of the Westfold (17 Points)

Erkenbrand of Rohan, on foot and mounted, in 28mm - figures from GW.
My submissions today both involve some interesting "finds" among the pile of stuff-to-paint I have accumulated over the years.  The first one takes us to Middle Earth...

To find figures for the first theme round this past weekend I went rummaging around in my hoard-o-stuff and stumbled across some figures from Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings range.  The Rohan Outriders went into the theme submissions - but I found another blister sitting on the shelf with them - Erkenbrand, Lord of the Westfold, hero of Rohan. Since I was painting some other Rohan figures anyway, I thought I might as well paint this fellow up too while I was at it. 

Beautiful metal casting from GW. Remember when they did metal?
Wanted the green on the cloak to jump out a bit. He is a hero of Rohan after all!
In "The Lord of the Rings" Erkenbrand was a hero of the Kingdom of Rohan, helping to defend the Westfold from invasion.  It was Erkenbrand who, together with Gandalf, led a relief force to help break up the assault on Helm's Deep.  Erkenband's character, however, was not in the 2001 movie trilogy (or if he was, I don't remember him at all) - in the film "The Two Towers" the relief force at Helm's Deep was led instead by Eomer and Gandalf.

The mounted pose is beautiful - you can imagine the other Rider of Rohan rallying behind his charge!
Nonetheless, the range of figures sculpted by GW was unbelievably comprehensive, and included several characters which appeared in the books but not the Peter Jackson films. I do not even recall purchasing this figure, but sitting as it was with the other little pile of LOTR stuff in my hoard, I must have just assumed it would be cool to have another hero-type for my Rohan force. 

I love the war horn he is carrying on his belt. Brings to mind the "Horn of Gondor" and poor Boromir...
And it is! This is a stunning casting.  While it retains the slimmer, more reasoned proportions of the other LOTR figures, he is still a good size - befitting a hero of Rohan! The figure is metal, but sadly the horse is plastic - and connected to the base by just one hoof. No doubt disaster awaits if we ever put this fellow on to the table while mounted...

I loved painting this figure. 
But it was just lovely to paint.  It has been a real treat to dive back into a figure range that I have not otherwise touched with a paint brush for more than 10 years. Hopefully we will find a game some time in 2019 where this fellow can run down some orcs!

In terms of points, a modest 15 for the tally here.  Up next, some more old metal castings from the Evil Empire...  


What, still not Spanish? Biggles! Have you got all the stuffing up one end? 

You've done a spectacular job on Erkenbrand. The green cloak definitely jumps out; you've done a fantastic job of shading the recesses so it billows. He certainly looks like he's leading a cavalry charge. The shield is also a very nice touch, Especially the two horses. You've done great justice to a very dynamic figure.

Now, how do you plead? Fifteen points? We'll soon change your mind about that! Fear, surprise, and a most ruthless application of two points for the shield! So hah, seventeen points! Now confess!


  1. Lovely work Greg, the green is great.

  2. These are gorgeous, I love the red of the shields

  3. Erkenbrand on of the many background charactes that make Tolkien's world so real. Very nicely done.

  4. Brilliant work on these two, dude. Like you, I loved that GW produced miniatures for characters that didn't make it into the film. I wonder if it was a part of their contractual obligation withe the Tolkien estate? Whatever, they're still awesome.

  5. Fabulous figures, gorgeous colours, perfectly executed !
    Best Iain

  6. Great work indeed Greg - you've done great justice to a lovely figure

  7. A really splendid effort, Greg, well done!

  8. This is one of my favourite Rohan sculpts. Beautiful work!

  9. “I do not even recall purchasing him” - if we could have a pound every time we said that, I suspect we could all retire ;)

    Smashing paint job, these LotR figures were very well realised by the Perry twins.

  10. Wonderful rendition, Greg! He is a perfect hero for Rohan. Nice work on the shield and the blonde locks too!

  11. Just brilliant Greg! Despite his precarious mounting I'm sure he'll be a fearsome enemy to all that is evil in middle earth.

  12. Awesome! Really like this hero. Fantastic painting. cheers