Thursday, 24 January 2019

From BenitoM: British Airborne - The Last Stick Lands (45 points)

With this post, I’m almost done with the British Airborne Project, or at least with the core elements of the platoon. Today I bring the platoon’s third section, with a different configuration to the previoust two: instead of showing a rifle and a LMG team, it features two Bren Gun teams.

Each LMG team has a three-crew served Bren Gun and a private armed with a Sten submachine gun. This section is led by a junior leader and is reinforced with a sniper team (already introduced to the Challenge in the latest Bonus Round).
In this case I decided to have a team in movement...

... and the other deployed and firing.

Note I'm using square bases to identify the NCOs and officers from the rank and file in the platoon.
The models are a combination of Wargames Foundry and Warlord (both metal and plastic), but as you can see the fit together nicely, while showing a wide range of different combat gear.

With this entry I add another 45 points to my Challenge score (9 models x 5 points), breaking the 400 points mark.
As mentioned earler, with this section I finished the core part of the platoon (three sections plus the platoon HQ) for Chain of Command

However there are still some additional support units to be finished that will be brought here in due course. Nonetheless I’m already thinking about other additional periods for the second part of the Challenge, to help reaching my  750 points target for this year.

MilesR: A very nice squad of British Paratroops.  I like the use of base shapes to designate commanders and use something similar myself.  Another 45 points has been added to your tally as you march towards your goal of 750 points!


  1. It's been wonderful watching this project unfold Benito, I'll be sad if this is in fact the last stick of Red Devils to drop in our landing zone. Lovely clean brushwork on these lads, and great work on the camo once again.

    1. There are some support units in the painting queue bit I need the weather to improve to progress with them (I don’t do airbrushing indoors). Forecasts are good for this weekend though

  2. Cracking stuff Benito. Always impressed by your camo smocks.

  3. Smashing stuff Benito! Wouldn’t mind you adding some more units to this project 😉

  4. More gorgeous paras! Lovely camo, great clean painting!
    Best Iain

  5. Great painting. Nice to see such a clean style.

  6. More awesomeness Benito, keep em coming.

  7. Lovely stuff, I’d like to see the whole lot together as I’ll bet they look grand.

  8. Excellent work, I really have enjoyed the way you have painted up your para's


  9. Great work Benito. I'm enjoying seeing this platoon grow.

  10. It's been great watching this platoon grow, Benito. Lovely work! :)


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