Thursday, 24 January 2019

Thursday's Minion is Substitute!!!!!!

There's a new minion in town and I'm here to post challenge submissions and chew bubble gum and I'm all out of bubble gum.

That's right, I'm bringing my own unique form of order to this madness as I wade into to being a substitute minion for the day.

Why a picture of Napoleon on a T-Rex?  Seriously, you actually asked that question?  The obvious answer is because it's cool.

You may see more of this later on.......

A few housekeeping items:

1) This year there are a lot of substitute daily minions, which is great that people are willing to help, but they often don't know who is supposed to be posted on which day - please remember to put the day you were assigned in the title of your post.  There are some minions who live on the Chesapeake Bay and look kind of like me who get cranky when they have to figure out who they should post.  I'm pretty sure this frustration doesn't result in any docking of points.  Well, I'm pretty sure.

2) If you have submissions that qualify for a side duel please make the individual posts and be clear which side duel(s) they are associated with - it really helps with tracking who's submitted what to which.  Lets not add to Paul's sisyphean task of tracking these side duels by forcing him to actually read all of these posts.  He does have access to guided missiles and I really wouldn't be the one to piss him off.

Ok enough of this adminutia rambling, lets get on to the days posts for Thursday.


  1. What did you do to Iain? Sacrificed him to the God of stats? In the meantime check my submission for today please and try not leaving blood stains in it

    1. Iain is fine but was called away on more important matters. My guess is that you Thursday lot have somehow pissed off Curt and he's decided to unleash me upon you. Perhaps there is some solace in knowing you, at least, deserved this fate and that there is justice in this world.

  2. An OCD case after my own heart! Seconded!

  3. Welcome Miles, I think. I have a post ready to go as part of the regular Thursday crew. I'm also wondering what crimes I committed in past last, and wishing I'd saved my snarky stats comments after today!

    1. I let you off easy today - but always remember I have both a very long memory and very petty disposition.

      YOUR. DAY. WILL, COME...
      (insert maniacal laughter here)

  4. Thanks for covering Miles! It's okay Benito, I'm too big to fit in the kitten sized sacrifice slot in the Mage of Mathematics Mighty Machine!
    Best Iain


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