Tuesday, 22 January 2019

From FranL: Predators, Colonial Marine APC, Crab Aliens and some buildings! (111 Points)

A hodgepodge of stuff today while I work on larger projects, some 28mm Predators, an APC with the crew from Prodos Games and some 15mm terrain.

The Prodos stuff comes from a friend in England (no not Ray), he undercoated and built the APC and I now notice I need to sort something out regards the Predator and I've just boxed the lot, sigh.......

Super Predator I believe.....

Valentines Day Predator?

The 15mm crabby brothers from Septimus Prime, figures from Khurasan......

Crew for APC......

APC model, very expensive for some awful sculpting errors.....

Lots of interior detail and crew in place.........

Completed model........

HO scale model, plastic from China, just over 9 euros including postage and needs a company sign to finish it off and some paint which has now been done.......

A 15mm MDF cinema from Blotz, needs some miniature movie posters for the outside, no interior access to either building but they'll do to add to the multitude of buildings I already own............

Points wise, 10 for the predators, 35 for the APC, 16 for the crabs and 50 for the buildings= 111 points?

More Sci-fi... I'm sensing a theme with your entries this year! I really like the APC with all that interior detailing and crew. The buildings are good too. Where would we be without access to cheap plastic imports from China... eBay has a lot to answer for (my credit card bill for one thing). Points wise I agree with your calculations. The buildings are a bit difficult to score but based on the dimensions you emailed me I reckon you're about right with the points.


  1. "Valentines Day Predator" - such a romantic!

    Well done Fran.

  2. Very nice, the interior of that APC is really well done.

  3. Wow, great entry Fran! While it sounds like a bit of a swine to prep, that APC is just amazing, especially all its interior detail. Very cool.

  4. Big Mix of stuff, Valentine Predator ♥️😂

  5. Great looking APC! Nice looking predators and really useful buildings!
    Best Iain

  6. Fantastic selection of models today Fran

  7. Great variety of figs Fran. Got a good recipe for crab?

  8. You haven't been sitting on your hands, that's for sure Fran! Quantity and quality aren't mutually exclusive, well done mate!

  9. Love the APC! Pity about the transaxle..

  10. Great work on the interior of that APC Fran. My eldest got a set of Predator elders in the post today and I am showing him your fantastic work to give him some ideas - cheers!

    1. Good stuff on the Facebook page for Prodos for better inspiration!