Thursday, 28 February 2019

For Thursday - Yet another new Army - DaveS 182points

So, having nearly completed my War of the Roses forces, and started a Vanguard force, my FLGS got in a supply of War and Empire 15mm Ancients.  So, since my friend Adam has been bugging me to play ADLG since he moved to Bournemouth to London about a year ago, I decided that I was going to have to get a force.  And paint it.  Almost makes me wish I had signed up for the squirrel/butterfly/too many projects challenges as well.

The models are nice, easy to clean, and I have tried to make this a "quick and dirty" painted army.  Therefore, everything has been painted in block colours, and a wash of Agrax Earthshade applied. (this isn't quite the talent in a pot that Devlan Mud used to be, but it's close and my Devlan supply is drying up pretty quick).  I'm happy with the effect on massed troops.
The Whole Mass of Troops

The Poor Infantry
The view from the Front
Roman Heavy Cavalry
Cretian Archers


Overall, I'm happy with this as the start of the army, especially since this is the first time working in 15mm.  So, my reckoning makes this..

18 bases of 4 Legionaries = 71 models (1 base is waiting for a standard bearer)
2 bases of 3 Heavy Cavalry = 6 cavalry models
4 bases of 2 Light infantry =  8 models

For a total of 79 infantry and 6 cavalry in 15mm, which I think is 182 points...

Oh, and some cats.  Because they tell me that if I put up their pictures, they will stop climbing on my desk, and flicking models onto the floor.  And because cats.  Obviously.

Great looking Romans! The legionaries look splendid and the cavalry look great,for a fast finish I think they're excellent, I've also moved over to agrax earthshade and your right it's not as good as devlan mud but it's done a grand job on these chaps,the basing is also really good. While Toby is not convinced I should give you anything with your display of feline affection,I agree 182points it is!

All the best Iain


  1. Nice work... let me know how that thing with the cats works.

  2. Thanks. I suspect that the cat thing is going to fail miserably. But we can hope.

  3. Impressive output and quality! Good luck with the Moggies. Trouble is they now know you don’t want them playing with your minis, so they’re more likely to do it!

  4. A wonderful start to your new army and some cats with laser-eyes. Awesome.

  5. "For Thursday - Another New Army"
    Hey - that could be any day of the week!
    Nice work, great start.

  6. Awesome. Excellent work at 15mm scale. Really good. cheers

  7. Excellent looking figures Dave!

  8. Fabulous work Dave. Love seeing all those ranked shields - awesome.

  9. How do you it?! I can't seem to get more than 10 miniatures a week, well done!

  10. An impressive array of red shields. Great start to the army.