Friday, 17 January 2020

Friendly Reminder - Post Formatting (Again)

Memo To Passengers

Good evening all. As per last week, just a quick reminder about formatting your posts (yes, there have been posts submitted today which have needed my corrective attentions).

Post Titles

Please include your name as it appears in the Challenge Roster, eg "TamsinP".


Please can you make sure all your pictures are:

  • Ideally 800-1000 pixels in one direction (and no larger in the other direction)
  • Set to "Large";
  • Centred; and
  • Separated from text before and after by a blank line

Failure to observe the above may result in the Minions remarking it as "Draft".

Thanks for your help,

Senior Flight Attendant


  1. Sound advice from the Senior Flight Attendant - and yes, my first (and only) submission this Challenge missed a few of these crucial elements. I shan't be making that mistake again in a hurry!

  2. Sorry Taasmin - I know I've been at fault here. A typical man thing - don't read the instructions and simply blunder into everything thinking that we know best!