Thursday, 26 March 2020

From SebastianR Lock 'em down, round 'em up

I feel like I reached my emotional denouement in the final paragraphs of my last post. I was probably surfing a wave of post challenge exhaustion as I squeezed more yellow onto a Banana Knight (do doo do do do) that refused to stop showing the undercoat.

Without further ado:

The two versions of Atticus (the 3D printed techslinger) isn't in the above picture as he's currently in lockdown at my GMs house.

Once again, the high bonus points strategy pays off for the canny lazy hobbyist! My contribution may be modest, but I've come to see the challenge as a valuable tool for putting pressure on myself to power through one of the aspects of wargaming I find most painful.

I'm really looking forwards to whatever lockdown challenge pops up here, as every part of my social life that cant be digitised has been cancelled, I can see my painting output ramping up significantly.

To everyones health, and to the next challenge! Cheers!


  1. You knocked out some great stuff Sebastian. I'm looking forward to seeing more, either in the Quarantine Challenge or in AHPC XI. :)

  2. Nice work Sebastian. Some very post apocalyptic about your mini being quarantined

  3. Some excellent work there Sebastian, well played Sir!

  4. A nice range of vehicles and a banana as well. Nicely done.

  5. Modest or not, your entries were top notch quality, see you again next Challenge!

  6. Splendid collection of entries!
    Best Iain

  7. Those small scale AFVs are great!

  8. Great work Sebastian. I can sympathize with the lazy hobbyist comment. You can now rest up for the next one. :)


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