Monday, 20 February 2017

Monstrous Monday!

Yes, it's Monday and, yet again, we've got got another trainload of points bombs coming at you with all the fury of a 600 foot tall radioactive lizard.

What's coming out of the sea to flatten your Tokyo? Over 1,000 points of painting bad-assery - with FOUR 100+ points bombs.

Included in the pigment parade of miniature mayhem are:

- An Italian tank company from the Western Desert

- Colonial guns and limbers and troops and pretty much more minis than there were troops in the Sudan

- A plethora of infantry

- Horses in multiple scales

- A jester from the big man himself (no, not Clarence Clemmons)

- Koreans, lots and lots of Koreans

- A slightly delayed Queen

And more, so much more

The only sage advice I can give, if you want to survive this points barrage, is to "OBEY MONDAY"


  1. Unleash the blogs of war and see Monday Mania commence!

    Let fools cower and tremble as the points bombs fall around them!

    All hail the Might Monday Mob!

  2. My god Miles, first you enslave local fauna to paint figures now you enslave radioactive giant reptiles! Is there no end to your madness?

    1. Dammit Peter, sometimes we have to throw off the shackles of both a free press and constitutional rights if we're going to make the challenge great again

  3. Go Mondayiners!
    One day son all this will be yours.
    What? The curtains?