Saturday, 6 January 2018

From JamieM: Six Gloomhaven Characters (30 points)

Last year I bought into the hype and backed the second printing of Gloomhaven on Kickstarter.  It looked like a great fun game from all I'd read and looked like just the sort of dungeon bashing games my gaming group were looking for - a persistent co-operative campaign fantasy boardgame.  We've worked our way through zombiecide and Massive Darkness and this looked like the next step....

.... and how right I was.  I haven't played anything else in the couple of months since I got it and we're hooked!  These are the first 6 characters that players can choose. 

I say first 6 as there are another 12 or so characters, but you don't get to play them until you "unlock" them within the game.  Indeed, they all come in sealed boxes so I don't even know what they look like!

The premise of the game is that you're all mercenaries wondering around the Gloomhaven world, uncovering plotlines and new locations.  You then go to the new locations, batter whatever is there to death (or get to the exit, or close extra-dimensional portals) and that gives you XP, gold and whatever else you may need to advance.

There's no GM, the whole game is run by a very clever set of 95 scenarios which you follow and choose from the list of available scenarios (those you've uncovered) and go from there.  Given the branching nature of the storylines, I suspect you can play anywhere from 30-60 of them in one play through, as some of the scenarios you'll only play if you make certain choices.

Fairly quick paintjob and I'm happy with the figures but not the bases.... thought I'd be clever and freehand flagstones, but they look about as rubbish as my school artwork always did despite multiple layers and cursing, so I'll pinch Curt's idea and move them onto clear bases if they look bad when we play.

6 28mm figures, so 30 points if my calculations are correct.


This sounds like a very cool game Jamie. I think one of the guys in our group backed the Kickstarter as well, so based on your description I'm going to bug him to bring it out to try sometime soon. 

You've done a very nice job on these figures. I particularly like that little catlike character and the heavy plate armour on the big guy.  

Hmm, I dunno, I actually quite like your bases. The brown and moss green mortar work nicely with the blue slate.  Nonetheless I will admit I'm a big fan of the clear acrylic bases for tile-terrain games as they are clean and easy peasy to do.

30 point for you sir!


  1. I’m playing in a campaign of this at the moment as the gadgeteer. It’s fine, but not my favourite dungeon crawler. Lovely painting, though!

  2. More Dungeon crawling, it must be my Birthday I am so spoiled with all kinds of dungeon goodies! But seriously these figures are top notch, a grizly bunch to walk into in any dungeon n room or coridor for sure!

  3. Very nice work. For flagstones I got one of those plastic mats you find incraft stores for Xmas village displays. The cut up easily and look good when painted.

  4. Great painting, really nice dungeon crawlers!
    Best Iain

  5. Nice looking figures Jamie. Good luck with future crawling!

  6. Well done Jamie - and I would urge you to stick with painted bases! They look great, and I think your results here are excellent.

  7. Don't know anything about Gloomhaven, quality work though!

  8. Jamie, I rather like the cobblestone bases. In the past I've painted bases and disliked them myself, but felt better about it after adding some flock for stray grasses or dirt, probably what you are feeling! ;)
    Although mercenary and very potpourri, they do look like they belong together. I rather like the scarred brawler fellow!