Saturday, 6 January 2018

From KeithS: Welsh Elites (52 points)

I did not expect to have time to finish these by Saturday, but thanks to the heat failing at work, followed by the bursting of many pipes, I have not been at work much the past few days!  Oh well, more time for me!

Here, then, are the last of my Welsh forces.  This batch of ten 28mm figures is also by Gripping Beast.  The represent the elites of the force, with the two center being two copies of the Warlord (as mentioned previously, I ended up with two sets of the starter army).  Each has a shield and sword or spears for these guys.

Each has a shield and, being fancy types, I paired them with the shields that turned out the best.  For the warlords, I gave them somewhat anachronistic Welsh flag shields.  Again, I could not find much on Dark Age Welsh shields, and I wanted something distinctly Welsh, so there you go.

Unlike the rabble, these guys have mail armor, which really makes the painting a lot easier.  And, each has a pair of shoes.

That's it for the Welsh, so now on to the Irish (a much smaller project).  Ten 28mm figures for an easy 50 points.


Have I lost a week somewhere?  No, it's just Keith managing a double post and a jolly good one at that too.  I loved the spearmen, but these Elites take it to another level, not least because of their shields.  Great job Keith, another 52 points to your tally, (2 bonus for the shields) now looking forward to the Irish! 


  1. Great stuff again! I like the shields even if they are anachronistic.

  2. More great stuff - love the dragon shield designs. You could always do a leek or two!

    1. A friend suggested basing them on leeks...

  3. Great looking shields, nice mob of elite.
    Best Iain

  4. Nice work on the shields great wee batch of figures

  5. Terrific work Keith! Freehanding shields?! Good gravy. Great stuff!

  6. Welsh Elites? You must be talking about the top tenors.

    Lovely work, Keith!

  7. Great work Keith. Those axes give them the look of real “problem solvers”...

  8. Nice one Keith! The hand painted dragons are superb.

  9. Very nice oh and the freehand on the shields is top notch indeed!

  10. Impressive lot, Keith! The shields are top notch! Is it my imagination or has that fellow with the red cloak been cloutted in the back of the head? He must be the slower fellow! ;)


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