Saturday, 6 January 2018

Roll Call!

*The swirl of his academic gown lifts a cloud of chalk dust as Minion Michael enters the classroom.*

Right! Good morning, sit down please.  Raymond, I said sit down!  No, not there boy! 
Thank you Mr. Campbell for Friday’s lesson; a masterclass in decorum, creativity and style.  Whilst today’s might be less eloquent, I am hoping that the work presented will make up for  stylistic shortfall on my part - first the roll call.

Outstanding painting skills – present!
Clever basing solutions - present!
Creative terrain building – present!
And a paint bomb – oh yes, it’s time for the Saturday showcase to begin!

Raymond! Take that finger out of your nose!


  1. ...and Raymond, stop stuffing budgies into that sandbag!

    1. Now we see why Tamsin's dropped out - she can hurl abuse at Ray without fear of points retribution!

  2. Great work Michael! Keep these unruly kids in line.

  3. Lol! You know I can see a t-shirt going Ray's way: "Ceep calm a nd smuggle a budgie" and while I type this the autocorrection of my tablet suggested "snuggle" where I typed "smuggle" I almost went with that ;-)