Saturday, 6 January 2018

From PeteF: AWI British Artillery (62 points)

For my fourth Challenge submission I did two British guns with the crews in Saratoga dress. One of the projects I'm working on is 28mm AWI with a view to having enough models from both armies to fight all of the battles in Warlord's Rebellion supplement. I'm not too bothered if troops in Saratoga uniforms end up fighting in the Southern campaign as most of my troops are from the Warlord (Wargames Factory) Liberty or Death set which I bought before discovering the Brits are in early war uniforms and the Rebel scum are in late war uniforms.  

The guns are magnetized and removable just in case a rules set requires it and I get around to adding limbers.

Here's a rear view of the Royal Artillery - I haven't done any research on where these guys stood when serving their guns. Were their prescribed positions? Does the Wargames Factory sprue miss anyone out? A lot of the pictures of RA troops seem to have them with muskets - I wonder if they often fought as infantrymen. 

I'm still trying to figure out the best way to do highlighting - especially for larger units where I want to get a lot done. These were base coated black and most colours got at least 3 layers plus highlights. The small clothes got a wash which paradoxically made them look dirty. I find black very difficult - the helmets on these are a shiny black and I opted to paint them matt black with some dark grey highlights. I guess they look OK at a distance. Any tips would be appreciated.

I've got many more Brits lined up for the next couple of months and will be moving on to the revolting Americans later in the New Year - once I pull the trigger on an order from the Perry Brothers.

8 foot (8x5=40) and two crew served weapons (2x10=20) for a total of 60 points.

All Wargames Factory/Warlord.

Happy New Year to all brush wielders - may your lead mountains become metal molehills.


Tremendous work Peter and what a great start to the Saturday Showcase.  I always worry about where the gunners should stand, or even if one should base them separately; I tend to go with your approach and have them look busy at the rear!  Love the idea of magnets to give yourself basing options too - an inspired touch!  That's 62 points to your tally, (2 bonus points for your creative basing solution that I shall be stealing borrowing at some point.)  tremendous work Sir.


  1. Nice work glad to see AWI getting some love

  2. Nice details on these Perry gunner Pete. I am a big fan of the Perry AWI range, I keep using the figures for my SYW project. I am also a fan of the Saratoga uniform with the natty helmets. BTW I've seen illustrations of British troops in the Southern campaigns in similar cut down coats and helmets, or similarly shaped caps cuts down from tricorn hats with plumes attached.

  3. Nice work on these AWI types, I find black undercoat difficult, I can't see the details, I'm also lazy and want shading so what I do is undercoat black wet or semi dry brush white, this is very fast and gives you a kind of greyscale and washes on top, I don't claim originality but works for me!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks - I will try this with my next batch.

  4. I always respect any efforts to paint artillery - I always HATE painting guns from the horse-and-musket era, as I just don’t know what I’m doing...

    Well done - and an extra bonus for fooling with magnets - that always ends in tragedy and/or farce when I attempt it. Great stuff!

  5. Very fine indeed Pete. I'm impressed you managed to magnetise the guns!

  6. Great addition to the artillery park Peter!

  7. Thanks everyone - your kind comments are motivating me to get some big battalions started.

  8. They look very fine, Pete! I like the ground work on the bases and detailing on the guns.
    The hats look fine to my eyes, but as you also do the three tone approach....
    I use P3 coal black as a midtone. I used to dry brush a turquoise or magenta depending 9n hue of black. Id rather save my brushes as long as possible and found that it gives a nice midtone effect and chroma can be settled with washes after layering.